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Airline Offers Macon To Atlanta Fares for 99-cents

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After Delta carrier ASA pulled service from Macon, two commuter airlines picked up the route.

Lawrenceville-based Wings Air is one. It’s been carrying passengers between the cities since November 1st.

So In an effort to increase traffic and get its name out, Wings Air is offering 99-cent fares. No catches. No fees. No blackouts. A round trip on its eight-seaters costs less than two bucks.

Robert Rupard is Wing’s president.

“The cost of marketing and advertising is pretty high. The cost of operating our aircraft in a relative sense is pretty low. So this was a worthwhile investment in marketing.”

To get a cheap seat, passengers must reserve by week’s end for travel through January 15th. After that,the regular one-way fare is between $50 and $100.

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