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American Airlines And Cabin Crews Open Contract Negotiations

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Contract negotiations are underway between American Airlines and the Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA), the union representing the airline’s flight attendants. The union is calling for improved working conditions, the restoration of lost wages and benefits, and an end to CEO bonuses. An APFA press release about the commencement of contract negotiations explains:
“Flight Attendants have seen the value of their real wages shrink by 25 percent and many are struggling,” said Laura Glading, president of APFA, representing nearly 19,000 flight attendants. “At the same time, senior executives of this airline repeatedly and brazenly reneged on their promise to share the pain,” awarding themselves big bonuses this year, essentially “claiming credit for accomplishment that are entirely attributable to the contribution of American’s rank and file employees,” she said.

APFA opened Immediate Relief Negotiations with the carrier this summer to seek a temporary fix for the most pressing issues confronting Flight Attendants, including overhauling the Flight Attendants scheduling system, but those talks failed. The Union believes an agreement is in the best interest of both APFA and the company, particularly with the recent fall in the price of oil.

“With oil falling by more than $35 per barrel, American is paying approximately $2.5 billion less for fuel. A single dollar reduction in the cost of a barrel of oil could fund a 10 percent increase in Flight Attendant’s wages,” said Glading. “These will not be easy negotiations, but we must work together to fix the many problems that exist and make our airline the best it can be,” Glading continued.
APFA, the nation’s largest independent flight attendant union, represents only American Airlines flight attendants.

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