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Appearance Preparation For Cabin Crew Interview

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Pleasing personality is one of the requirements for the position of cabin crew. It is an advantage if you will show yourself in a very neat & pleasing appearance on that day. As much as possible you shouldn’t have that much pimples in your face & you’re arms should be free from allergies or scars. For girls, apply some make-up on your face. Don’t wear too heavy make-up. Just apply some colors on your face that you will feel comfortable & beautiful as well. Tie your hair as if you’re already a flight attendant. For boys, have a haircut on the day before the selection date. You need to be careful as well in choosing the accessories that you’re going to use – accessories from shoes to jewelries.  What they’re looking for is NEAT & PROFESSIONAL. Remember, first impression lasts!
These are what considered to be desirable preparation for the big day.
1 – Got a hair cut the day before the recruitment date.
2 – Prepare the suit. Find the right color combination of Polo & neck tie.
(Tip: Light colors give a light impression to the dresser.)
3 – Clean the face. Shave mustache if necessary. Have a concealer that perfectly matches the color of your face. This will be a great help in covering dark spots on the face. For men, asked somebody to teach you how to apply concealer on your face.
4 – Visit a dentist & clean the teeth on the day before the selection date.
(Tip: It always feels good to smile, when you knew that you have white & clean teeth.)
5 – Clean your fingernails.


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  1. are the girls supposed to dress casual or formally ? are jean allowed ?

  2. Hi girls should wear bussiness atire.. But it can change from airline to airline.. 🙂

  3. is it really necessary to have a good set of teeth??what if one teeth in front is not properly alined??

  4. is it really necessary to have a good set of teeth??

  5. is it possible for one to wear a good native dress on d day of interview?

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