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Attire and Grooming

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If you are truly serious about getting a job with the airlines, you should invest some money in your interview wardrobe. Do not make the mistake of settling for something in the back of your closet that is two sizes too small or just plain out-of-style; this is an investment in your future.
Ideally, you should choose a wardrobe that closely approximates a flight attendant uniform. Other than Southwest, most are navy blue or black with a white shirt and matching, conservative tie or other collar accessory. Approximating the airline uniform will allow the interviewer to envision you as a working flight attendant.
For both men and women, before any interview, ensure that your clothing has been professionally dry-cleaned and that your shoes are polished. If you are traveling to the interview a day early, you should wear something else on the airplane (or in the car) so that your interview wardrobe will be fresh on the day of the interview.
Men: A man should wear a dark, conservative two-piece wool or wool-blend single-breasted business suit. Navy blue is probably the safest bet, with a long-sleeve white or light blue shirt and coordinated silk tie. Cufflinks are a nice touch, but not necessary. Shoes should be plain with no buckles, tassels or metal accents, typically black lace- type dress shoes or loafers worn with black over-the-calf dress socks. Jewelry should be plain and limited to ring(s), a wristwatch and tie clasp. If you wear an earring, it should be removed before the interview. You should be clean-shaven with no beard or other facial hair other than a mustache, which should be neatly trimmed. Your hair should be neat, and length should not fall below the shirt collar. Fingernails should be trimmed or manicured. A black leather (no vinyl) briefcase will complete your professional image.
Women: A woman should wear a two-piece dark navy or black business suit with matching accessories; black and white or navy and white are good choices. Earrings should be conservative; pearls or stud-type jewelry. You should stay away from bangle bracelets or flashy jewelry that would be distracting during the interview. Shoes should be closed- toe, plain black or navy pump-type with no metal accents (no spikes), with conservative-colored hose. A black-leather briefcase is also appropriate here for a professional image. Hair should be no longer than shoulder length, but preferably should be short or worn up, which is typical for most flight attendants. Makeup should not be excessive. Fingernails should be freshly manicured and have a clear or conservative nail polish.

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