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BA And Union Resume Talks Over Cabin Crew Strike

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British Airways resumed talks with union officials on Sunday to avert a strike by cabin crew that could cost Britain’s largest airline millions and cause chaos for passengers.

Negotiations between a BA delegation headed by chief executive Willie Walsh and the Transport and General Workers Union (TGWU) had restarted, a BA spokeswoman told AFP but did not comment further.

BA is struggling to head off having to cancel all flights to and from London’s main Heathrow airport because of the planned strike on Tuesday and Wednesday over sickness absence, pay and staffing levels.

The action, involving 11,000 stewards and stewardesses, will also hit domestic and European flights from London Gatwick.

Unions have warned that there will be two more three-day work stoppages in February if the dispute remains unresolved.

BA has warned that services will be affected either side of the strike action, leading to flights also being disrupted on Monday night and Thursday morning.

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