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Becoming A Cabin Crew

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The lifestyle and job of a Cabin Crew member is undoubtedly one of the best careers you can aspire to.
The endless opportunities and exciting prospects make this one of the top 10 jobs people dream of becoming. Though, not all of us know exactly the best strategy to enter in this so exciting career.
I am writing this post, not because I am a successful cabin crew today and even before. I wrote this post in behalf of my brother, who recently was able to get-in in the industry of aviation. By now that I am completing this post, my brother is near to finish the 5 weeks training in United Arab Emirates and soon be on board by next month. He had some rejections with the 2 popular airlines in the Phil’s. Finally, he was able to make it! And this time it’s an international airline. During the application, we were together with the entire procedures. From searching, studying & actual application process, I was with him. It’s really pretty exciting and totally worth it.
Middle East may not sound good as a starting point to enter in this Cabin Crew Career but, yes it is! A lot of people are transferring to Middle East for a certain land based job but in reality these people are targeting the famous international airlines of different countries here in Middle East.
When I was with my brother during the pre-screening application for Emirates Airlines, I was able to chat with some applicants and I was shocked that most of them transferred in Middle East to start up their dream of becoming cabin crew. They will initially accept a land-based job but they will look forward to the mass hiring of these airlines. Famous airlines such as Emirates, Qatar Airways, Etihad and Gulf Air are conducting an average mass hiring twice a year, specifically in Kingdom of Bahrain & UAE.
This mass hiring does really have a different approach, not in terms of the airline’s hiring procedures but in terms of the competition that’s happening within the applicants.
A certain company that conducts a mass hiring has already a target number of applicants to hire. Unless, nevertheless that certain batch of applicants doesn’t meet their requirements, then it will affect their target number of applicants.
What land-based job will be a good starting point?
Cabin Crew’s major responsibility evolves in customer service. It is a responsible job and involves everything from the anticipation and understanding of each of the customer’s needs, providing the highest standard of comfort and customer care, to the safety and security of the passengers and aircraft. So, land based jobs such as guest relation officer, receptionist, waitress/waiter, bellboy, guest attendant and the like, would be a great training ground for customer care industry.

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