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Best SVP Eddie J

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Eddie J as he was affectionately called, was the son of the late principal of Raffles Instituion and Bartely Secondary school in the early and mid 1960s.

Eddie joined the airlines way back in the late 1960s after graduating from Singapore University.

From the positions of manager to general manager, Eddie later became the SVP of SIA cabin crew.

A man of few words, Eddie was well liked as the big boss of cabin crew.He was also a gutsy boss who would not kow tow to the unionists like most bosses did.

Now why did BT like so much about his ex boss?

First of all, Eddie is a compassionate man. He did not hesitate to help pay off one of his staff’s debt instead of sacking him like another boss who took over did.

Second, Eddie was a generous boss who would use his own money to entertain his subordinates at karaoke lounges during the weekends. He would pay for all the expenses incurred,sometimes to the tune of a few thousand dollars.

Third, Eddie had the balls to differ with his CEO over matters that concerned staff welfare.

Fourth,Eddie was a nice and humble person and behaved like one of the staff, never used his position as a boss to intimidate his subordinates.

Many of the CCEs who were given early retirement felt had Eddie still been their SVP during the SARS period,their positions would not have been made redundant.

Eddie would listened to the CCEs and even took their sides against his own assistant and managers.

Whenever people like BT or his CCE colleagues had work problems, Eddie was always there to help them.

The only people who did not like Eddie were the unionists whom he refused to play ball with.

The staff nicked named him Gutsy Eddie and he lived up to his reputation,till the very end of his career.

Eddie almost lost all his perks as a SVP when the Henry Teo’s cheating case was discovered. When the company refused him his retirement benefits,he confronted his boss and almost took the company to court. The company finally gave all his bebefits back to him.

What a great SVP cabin crew had in Eddie J.

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