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Cabin Crew Common Interview Questions

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Many of the questions asked in an interview for a cabin crew position are similar to questions you would be asked in interviews for most other positions. You should be prepared to answer questions about your major strengths and weaknesses, whether you are patient or not, and your views on customer service. Providing a good answer to the question on your level of patience and temper management can be crucial in an interview for any font-line position with an airline.
If a group of applicants have been called in for an interview at the same time, some airlines will have the job applicants take turns speaking in front of the others in the group. This can help determine one’s public speaking skills.
Some airlines will also ask you to complete a short written test during the interview process. These will usually be multiple-choice and will focus on issues relating to customer service.
It is also very important to arrive to the interview neatly dressed and well groomed. This is key in order to set a good first impression for any job, but is especially true for cabin crew positions, where appearance and personal hygiene are important components of the job.

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