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Cabin Crew Interview Survival Kit

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Long before you attend any airline interview, you must arm yourself with the tools you will need to make the entire process run as smoothly as possible. The following recommended items should be included as part of your “interview survival kit” and be brought with you to every interview. Some are mandatory for your success, while others are optional, depending on their affordability and size.
Quite often, you will fly to a distant city for an interview and spend the night in a hotel. There, you will be able to use your “interview survival kit” as a portable office so you can prepare yourself as effectively as possible for the next day’s interview.
Mandatory Items:
* The job portfolio: the job portfolio serves as a quick reference for all of your application-related materials (see Creating a Job Portfolio).
* Writing utensils: you need general writing utensils (the cheap hotel type), as well as a high quality pen for taking notes during the interview, preferably a gold, silver or black “Cross” pen for a more professional appearance. Also a marker or highlighter for reviewing your notes is essential.
* Note pad: a small legal pad for taking notes.
* Watch: it seems simple, but many people miss interviews because they do not have a watch! A dress watch should always be worn to the interview.
* Alarm clock: if you are spending the night in a hotel room the night before your interview, it is important to have an alarm clock so you won’t oversleep. A wind-up type is best because it is not vulnerable to power failure. Back up your alarm clock with a wake-up call.
* Cash: if you are driving to an interview, you will usually be required to park in a parking garage; it might cost you up to $20 or more to park.
* Extra shirt or blouse: if you hit a bump in the road and coffee spills all over your shirt or blouse, a coffee stain won’t make a good impression at the interview.
* Spot remover: just in case.
* Shoeshine kit: shoe polish and a shining cloth are needed for last minute touch-ups.
* Lint-roller: to remove last-minute lint and pet hairs.
* Extra panty-hose: women know how easy it is to run panty hose; have extras in your briefcase just in case.
* Toiletry and makeup kit: brushes, combs, mirrors, tissue, makeup, toothpaste and toothbrush, breath mints, and anything else you can think of that will help you freshen up just before the interview.
* A good roll-aboard suitcase: if you need to fly to your interview destination, make sure you own a good suitcase, preferably the roll-aboard type that can be stowed in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you. You do not want to be checking luggage if you are running late to an interview. You are allowed 2 carry-on bags; your suitcase and a briefcase. NOTE: A woman’s pocketbook does not count as a carry-on item.
* Invest in a lint roller (especially if you own pets) and carry it with you in your briefcase. Just before the interview, visit the restroom, and de-lint yourself. Also, be sure to double-check your wardrobe, teeth, makeup, panty hose (women) and hair, and pop a breath mint into your mouth.

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