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Cabin Crew Needs Multi-Tasking Skills

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Being a flight attendant requires good multi-tasking skills, and it can be a challenge for people who are not accustomed to doing several things at once. You must at the same time enforce the safety rules of the craft, maintain discipline among passengers, serve as a waiter or waitress, answer call buttons, and more. A flight attendant is the person who keeps the passengers of an aircraft happy and calm, assisting them when they need help, and ensuring their safety and comfort.
Like wait staff at restaurants, flight attendants often have a section of the aircraft that they are asked to cover. You may ask for help, and you should work well with the rest of the team, but you must also be able to handle your responsibilities on your own and without direct supervision. Flight attendants need to be able to handle preparing and serving meals and beverages to the passengers on the flight. They should be physically strong enough to help passengers properly stow their carry-ons; they may need money skills to sell headphones or other on-flight services, and they should be friendly enough to please customers, but still be able to deal with a customer who becomes irate or otherwise unruly. Flight attendants must also often have first aid skills, and the cool head that allows them to use those skills under pressure.

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