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Cabin Crew Suspended Over Stolen Muffin!

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A steward has been suspended from his job on charges of theft after he flicked a muffin left over from a passengers meal tray.

The British Airways (BA) steward was told to leave his post after he was reported at Londons Heathrow Airport on Dec 17.

One member of cabin crew has been suspended on suspicion of theft, The Sun quoted an airline spokesman, as saying.

While such incidents are extremely rare we take all allegations of theft extremely seriously, the spokesperson added.

After the event, the furious staff blasted the heavy-handed move and compared the airlines company to a police state.

The cabin crew member on a long-haul flight took a muffin destined for the bin, the BA worker said.

Now his career hangs in the balance. Everyone is up in arms it is a disgusting way to treat staff, the worker added.

A source has revealed that BA and other airlines have adopted a zero-tolerance approach that has left workers terrified.

Staff are scared of putting a foot wrong. BA is acting like a police state, the workers said.

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  1. What will it happen, if Singapore Airlines find out the Cabin Crew never declare the pass work histroy that related to the current job?

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