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Cabin Crew Tips and Secrets to Answering Questions

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Before we dissect the SAO (Situation-Action-Outcome) system of answering questions at your airline flight attendant interview, let’s just remind ourselves of a few things.
You attend an Airline Interview to secure what many people the world over think is the most fantastic job in the world. To become an airline Flight Attendant!
And so the very reason that an airline interview takes place and you answer a series of questions is to give the interviewer or effectively ‘the airline’, the opportunity to employ you as a flight attendant. After all, that’s what they are trying to do, employ flight attendants.
Unfortunately for you and possibly them is that you only have a miniscule time frame relatively speaking, to tell them how good you are or would be, as a flight attendant. (Please be humble)!
That means that you have to sell yourself. The best way to do that in an interview situation is to relate the interviewer/s questions to your experience and follow the SAO method in your answer!
What’s the SAO method to answering questions? The SAO system is a formula that airlines use to identify qualities in a flight attendant applicant by the answer they give to a targeted question. In answering a question you will recall a ‘S’ituation or problem, you tell what ‘A’ction or remedy you took to right that situation and you summarize what the ‘O’ut-come was. (SAO)
While a good interviewer should identify and draw out the required information from you if they think you show promise, don’t risk them having to draw the required response out of you and simply give them what they are looking for by being totally complete with your answer in the first response.
That means practice the SAO method with any question that you can think of until you are naturally comfortable with it. Being naturally comfortable is also critical! The best way to be natural is to be confident, utilize your communication skills, have prior knowledge, be prepared and answer relative to your own experience.
And if you practice answering questions relative to your own experience your believability or genuine factor increases because your body language will naturally be in harmony with what you are saying.
It may seem strange but true to some but according to language experts, your answer, or in effect your message is being received by your interviewer in a strangely disproportionate way to what most of us would probably think.
What you say will account to just 7 of your message, and your body language will account to a whopping 55% of your message.
So the message is clear. Take the time to practice and provide answers relative to your own experience. This will enable you to be as naturally comfortable as you can be to display your response positively using the SAO system to answer all questions.


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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am sachin from India. I have worked for an International Airline for 2 yrs now I am working as an aviation trainer. I want to become a crew again, kindly let me know which airlines are recruiting. I would be highly obliged.

  2. How rude!!!

  3. Hi! Thanks so much for the advise you posted. I believe it can help not only aspiring flight attendants but to all job seekers.
    I am Adrian from the Philippines. I want to be a flight attendant but I don’t have any experience. Many say that my physical features are qualified. I’m just worried because I have a pea-sized scar at the back of my right palm between my thumb and forefinger that looks like a fraternity mark but honestly I am not. I also have a light scar on the same location but to my left hand. Both are caused by burns. I have consulted a dermatologist about it and she told me that its possible for it to be removed but I will still have a straight-lined scar on it. Is it still possible that an airline company will hire me? Do you know any of them?
    Hoping for your immediate reply. More power!

  4. Airlines requirements varies so you do need to know which airlines you want to join first.

  5. i hav done my diploma in avition. evan i was working in hotels 4 one year.
    now i how can i apply for this airline job……?

  6. yes,that is good enough..u have an advantage there

  7. i want 2 join with Airindia.
    any job is there?

  8. i am a fresher. i am pursuing a course of “DIPLOMA IN AIRPORT MANAGEMENT& CUSTOMER CARE” from a reputated aviation academy,& i want to join as a ground staff in thai airways or as a flight pursur. will u suggest me or give any feedback that wil make my dreams come true please.

  9. you can’t apply directly as an inflight supervisor/purser with your current qualification. you have to start as a flight attendant, and work your way up, get promoted until you reach purser position. for example, i was with Malaysia Airlines. to become an IFS (inflight supervisor) i start from Flight Steward –> Leading Steward –> Chief Steward –> IFS. That’s how it works in most airlines IMHO.

  10. how did you work your way up to a purser, and how long was it.

  11. m 25yrs. old, working as waiter,m a fresher in avaiation is there any vacancies for me,how can i apply,for air or ground host,are there any interview with your’ll plz let me know,thanx

  12. Bohtong has just given a BIG secret away.
    I do agree completely that is how you should go about answering your question. I am an SIA Stewardess and that is one of the things I always tell my friends on how to answer SIA Interview questions.
    In fact, Bohtong’s SAO system not only applies to Cabin Crew Interviews, but also, for all other jobs if you want to achieve a successful interview. This is because it shows your clear mind and great thinking. The only difference is, you need to put in that extra smile.. ALWAYS during your Cabin Crew Interview.
    If you would like more information on Cabin Crew Interview, especially SIA’s, do feel free to visit my website
    By the way Bohtong, I love your site… and I am sure it provides lots and lots of insights and tips for Cabin Crew Wannabes. ^^
    SIA Cabin Crew

  13. Good Evening Dear Mam,
    I am raman From Punjab(India). I have done graduation,Diploma in Aviation,Hospitality & Travel management From Frankfinn (Institute of Air Hostess Training)
    I am working in Hotel Citadines as a Front office Executive from 16th feb.2009 I want to become a cabin Crew Please help me for this.

  14. Hi,
    May i ask if i am recruited for the SIA cabin crew, how many weeks notice will they usually give to the commencement of the training. Will it start soon after the interview? Thank you.

  15. Hello,
    I am very interested in becoming an air stewardess, and have read up on the requirements.
    I have noticed that they have not stated whether an ITE Higher Nitec certificate is acceptable.
    Hoping for your kind assistance in this query.
    Thank you!

  16. Good Evening,
    Thanks for the tips. 8))
    May I ask, is it only beautiful, fine skin, young (age below 25) & weight of betw 50 KG and below can apply of the air stewardess? If yes, I’ll cry (no more hope in this life) (T T)

  17. hi
    i am nutan and wants to join Malaysian airways .
    can u tell me what r they looking for in candidate in interview?

  18. could please help me to find a job in any of the air line industry as a cabin crew?well i do have some experience in the hospitality industry

  19. british airways is the best airline that i have been into, great crew and great service’~;

  20. Hae am realy great full for the help you are giving for all job seakers not only the aviation sector but any other job i have learned the best answearing method SAO i will put into practise thanks .

  21. Hei people!
    Am from kenya and al be attending Emirates Selection process in Nairobi on the 12th of June 2011,am scared to be sincere coz its my first ever and as am doing my research am getting mixd emotions after reading that people have gone to upto 5 1st interviews…Damn! What in Gods namd goes on? Someone pliiiz update me ad appreciate.

  22. Hi Sofia! Relax, you are not alone!! i’ll also be attending the preliminary selection on 12th June in Nairobi.See you there!!

  23. Hei Suzie! ThanK God 4 u! Atleast am now am not alone tell me is it ur first time?,ad love to meet u there too,how will i know its u!

  24. Hi Sofia, you can reach me on, tuongee 🙂

  25. i like to be cabin crew,but i dont have any experience in this job…can you help me how to be good cabin crew…?

  26. Hi!
    I m manish from Pune.
    I hve completed diploma n aviation from frankfinn.
    wil u help me 2 knw d coming up interviews as a cabin crew.

  27. Hihi…
    I am so nice to know this website.
    I went to SIA recruitment last month, i failed.
    I will try to attend again the coming soon recruitment. Get more experiences.
    Of course, I will try my best in the recruitment!
    I am 1.68m, 70 Kg, male, is it suitable to apply for this position?
    Is that language is an advantage? For me, I can speak 5 language( Chinese, English, Malay, Indonesia and dialects).
    Thank you for you advise.

  28. Dear sir or Madam,
    I am satyajit from India,I am taking avaiation training from Galaxy Industries.Already two month gone.and my qualification is Higher secondary age 34.will I get this job.

  29. I am Purity from Kenya,have Diploma in cabin crew, hospitality, customer care, first aid and also in computer operation. am currently working as a customer care. I have tried several times to apply for cabin crew jobs. Was asking whether anyone knows when emirates will be recruiting in Kenya. Any answer will be appreciated. Thanks lot.

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