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Career In Travel Industry

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The travel industry has a wide range of jobs for those wishing to make their career out of ensuring clients have the perfect holiday. It may sound a trivial task but this requires great skill in being able to understand client’s wants and needs, those with travel jobs should be compliant and able to listen effectively to provide an efficient service.
Jobs within travel agents can be seen as the starting point for anyone’s holiday; here a variety of skills are required by employers to ensure levels of service are maintained. Fundamentally the job role consists of putting clients travel packages together.
This vital first step is where a client’s holiday will be made or broken; ineffectual service at this time will ruin a holiday and as the process of travel is a stressful experience anyway, organisation at this stage is crucial. Those wishing to find jobs in this sector of the travel industry should be able to listen intently and put into action instructions in a logical and forthright manner
For a lucky few some travel jobs include extended stays abroad; this sounds ideal if you like holidaying but being a representative in tourist resorts could not be further removed from a holiday. In what could be described as one of the most stressful jobs possible; responding to the whims of guests can be extremely frustrating.
Travel reps are put under a great deal of pressure to ensure their guests have the best stay possible, this can mean organising boat trips, or nights out. The diversity in these types of jobs is a source of their popularity, and while they are stressful they are satisfying as well.
Jobs in the travel industry often forgotten are those of the cabin crew. With evermore people flying abroad to holiday the need for cabin crew is at an all time high. With long hours and also highly stressful, the job requires extended lengths of time standing up and serving passengers.
The glamorous image of the trolley dolly is defunct as turnaround times at airports have been reduced so cabin crew see little of the countries they visit regularly. That said there are still discounted tickets available for purchase making these jobs somewhat worthwhile.
Travel jobs do not all require jetting off around the world. Jobs within the UK travel industry are increasingly available as the hotel and hospitality industry expands. Jobs in hotels consist of front and back of house work. Back of house workers include chefs and cleaners whilst those in the front of house are bar staff, waiting staff and receptionists.
Here, good interpersonal skills are required to ensure guests have the best stay and providing that extra service is a quality that hotel managers often look for. Providing that little extra can be a lucrative course if working in hotel jobs, as tips and bonuses top up the rather mediocre pay.
If you possess skills in such sports as waterskiing, snowboarding or scuba diving there are also travel jobs open to you. Resorts are always crying out for skilled employees who can provide tuition in all manner of disciplines. Being multi-lingual here can help as it allows teaching of a variety of nationalities. This can be seen as one of the best travel jobs as it allows you to do something you love and get paid for it.
There is no doubt travel jobs can give added bonuses in terms of reduced holiday rates and extended periods abroad. The jobs however are not all glamour; there is a large amount of work involved in providing unparalleled service.
To be successful in the travel industry it is vital to put the needs of others above your own. If this selflessness is something you feel you could manage jobs within in the travel industry may well be the right career choice for you.

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