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Cabin Crew Interview Tips

Cabin Crew Interview Survival Kit

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Long before you attend any airline interview, you must arm yourself with the tools you will need to make the entire process run as smoothly as possible. The following recommended items should be included as part of your “interview survival kit” and be brought with you to every interview. Some are mandatory for your success, [...]

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Cabin Crew

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1. Enjoy a great deal of time off (13 to 17 days off per month; roughly 6 months off per year!).
2. Get free or reduced-cost travel benefits for yourself and immediate family, covering air travel, lodging, car-rentals, and cruises.
3. Get a lucrative benefits package, often including health and life insurance, credit union membership, employee stock [...]

Body Language & Attitude

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Body language and attitude are critical elements during an interview. Two people can respond equally well to an interviewer’s questions, but have very different outcomes due to body language and attitude.
For example, if you answer questions without looking at the interviewer, this indicates you are very shy and lack confidence, not particularly desirable qualities of [...]

The Introduction

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One of the most overlooked aspects of an interview is the introduction. Again, this includes not only the way you introduce yourself to the interviewer, but the way you introduce yourself to the interviewer’s secretary and other individuals in the waiting room.
You should introduce yourself to the receptionist and sign in (if necessary) upon arrival. [...]

Attire and Grooming

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If you are truly serious about getting a job with the airlines, you should invest some money in your interview wardrobe. Do not make the mistake of settling for something in the back of your closet that is two sizes too small or just plain out-of-style; this is an investment in your future.
Ideally, you should [...]

First Impressions Do Make a Difference

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Although the interview itself may last for 45 minutes or more, professional interviewers very often make a decision to reject a job applicant within the first 5 minutes.
The reason for this is because of something we call “packaging”: the art of presentation. Your packaging during the first few minutes of the interview is critical. Unless [...]

Cabin Crew Interview Questions

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Practice some of the answers for the interview questions that you are likely to be asked in Cabin Crew Interview.
Cabin Crew / Air Hostess Interview Questions
1. Tell us about yourself?
2. Why do you want to join us?
3. What would you like to do in five years’ time ?
4. Do you prefer working with others or [...]

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