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Cabin Crew Stories

Things You Don’t Want To Hear After Takeoff

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–Don’t worry; this baby can still fly just fine with only one engine.
–$100 says this thing can too do a barrel roll.
–Let’s see if that loudmouth Delta pilot can play a little game of “chicken”
–Captain, did you just say, “Thank you for flying Jihad Airlines” ?
–No, I thought it was your [...]

There Are Celebrity Onboard!

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There are many rewarding aspects to being a flight attendant, including discount travel benefits, scheduling flexibility, and the ability to see the world. But one of the most intriguing aspects of the job for me has been the chance to serve celebrities.
Celebrities need to travel, just like everyone else. Although some have their own [...]

10 Ways Becoming Cabin Crew Changed My Life

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Relaxing in 4 star hotels, with drivers on call.
Prior to becoming a Flight Attendant, I had a good job in middle management, with a large US Corporation, with lots of travel. But, I never relaxed when I traveled. Instead I had to attend meetings, and every minute of the day was scheduled. Imagine, my surprise, [...]

A Day In The Life Of A Flight Attendant

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A Day in the Life of a Flight Attendant
by David Silverstein
A day on the job. For a flight attendant that could mean…a trip to Paris…or an emergency landing. It can be fun, an adventure, or both…but is it work? I’ve found that working for a major airline this past year has been one of [...]

SQ006 The Last Flight From Taipei

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Elaine, my wife’s younger sister is a flight stewardess with Singapore Airlines. It was a waste of education on her part for I felt that a graduate should be able to get a better job than just serving passengers on board. But that was her dream. To fly around the world and getting paid for [...]

My Emirates Cabin Crew Assessment Day

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Just thought I would share my experiences of what happened this weekend at the Glasgow Open Day. Because I have been through it, I know how nervous everyone gets and how you feel better if you know what’s going to happen, so here goes…….
I applied online back in September and registered for a Liverpool Assessment [...]

A Poor Stewardess

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Theo (not her real name) was a dashing looking stewardess with big brown eyes , a fair and smooth complexion which many man would love to kiss. She had big boobs that could even act as floating devices if the aircraft ditches in the sea.Airlines employing such girls can lower their cost by not providing [...]

Famous People I Met While Working

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During the course of my duty, I have met some real famous movie stars and singers eg. Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Janet Jackson, the late Teresa Teng and a couple of HK stars whom I was not a fan of.
Among the stars I met, Sly was the nicest. He was not very tall like you [...]

London “Bakery” Case

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Heard of the London “Bakery”case? Maybe most of you have not. Well, some 20 over years ago there was a big case concerning a white British girl who literary “lived” in the London crew hotel with the stewards. This girl was a minor, a teenager. She ran away from her parents’ house and stayed with [...]

Rude And Lazy Cabin Crew On Malaysia Airlines

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I flew from LHR to KLIA on 17.8.06 on flight MH001 and was appalled by the level of service.
As soon as the seat belt sign went off after take off the cabin crew rushed the service, first bringing around a tray of beers (no other choices), swifty followed by a meal and then dashed along [...]

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