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Earning Your Pilots License

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Earning a pilot’s license can appear to be difficult. There are many things that must be done before you can realize your dream of flying. Of course, if your goal is to be a pilot, then it is time well spent. The following is a step-by-step process of what you need to do to earn […]

Cultural Issues Can Play A Big Role In Plane Crashes

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It takes a certain moxie to criticize someone as bright and successful as Malcolm Gladwell, the New Yorker staff writer and author of the bestsellers “Blink” and “The Tipping Point.” But there’s a segment in Gladwell’s newest book, “Outliers: The Story of Success,” that leaves me quizzical. The segment explores the January 1990 accident in […]

Singapore Airlines Pilot's Salary

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First Officer (B777/A340)>>>>>>>> $ 4,925/$ 5,150 – $ 8,500 B747-400>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> $ 5,373/$ 5,600 – $ 9,250 Airbus A380>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> $ 6,050 – $ 9,250 Captains B777/A340 >>>>>>$ 8,850 – $ 15,300 B747-400 >>>>>>$ $10,000-$16,500 Airbus A380 >>>> $ 10,700 – $16,500 Allowances ( approximate monthly meals,nightstop and productivity allowances). First Officer gets between S$ 4,000 to […]

Learn To Fly

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There are millions of Persons around the world, who have learned to fly. Some of them do it just for fun, others use it as a way to travel to work and there are others who become career pilots to earn a living. If you are starting to do research on how to learn to […]

Pilot Licensing And Certification

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Pilot licences (in the United States, airman certificates) are issued by national aviation authorities, and establish that the holder has been trained by a qualified flight instructor and has met a specific set of knowledge and experience requirements, sometimes determined by taking a checkride. The licensed or certificated pilot can then exercise a specific set […]

Important Tips For A Long And Successful Aviation Career

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In the aviation and flight industry, experience and knowledge are considered hallmarks of a great career. Pilots, mechanics, and operations professionals at airlines, charter companies, and flight schools alike need to have the experience in the industry to perform their jobs adequately. As well, the first hand and technical knowledge of an experienced aviation professional […]

Career Path Of An Airline First Officer

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In the life of the average pilot, there is a progression from achieving their first pilot’s license through the fulfilment of their dream to be a captain. Some pilots choose to join on with smaller airlines or charter companies, in which they are often the only pilots on the flight. While this option may work […]

Taking Lessons Away From Time Spent As A Trainee Pilot

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Trainees at aviation schools and programs throughout the United Kingdom are on a long course toward success in their industry. Trainee pilots spend hundreds of hours in small planes in order to learn how to fly airliners, charter flights, and corporate jets. These hours translate into certification, which can lead to a pilot position with […]

Flight Simulations For Pilots In The United Kingdom and Europe

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Pilots young and old throughout the European continent need to stay sharp in their piloting skills. The flight deck can become a difficult place to work for those pilots who don’t practice, stay focused, and understand every aspect of their job. While the public may think that hours upon hours of flight experience are enough […]

The Cost Of A Private Pilot License

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Since I started flying, I noticed that flight schools were not completely straight forward with the students. I was also a victim. Since that time I have grown into a Career Flight Instructor and we even a flight school owner. I owned and operated 5 airplanes and have had many flight instructors working for me. […]

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