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Cockpit Crew Stories

A Conversation With A Pilot

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Michael Filucci just might hold Wichita’s record for the longest commute for work. As a captain for American Airlines, Filucci flies to Miami to report to his job. From there, he flies an Airbus A300-600 to places like Panama City, San Jose, Costa Rica, Santa Domingo and the Dominican Republic. The commute from Wichita to […]

Landing Without Nose Gear: 'That was rough'

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Deb Shapiro knew there was a problem when she saw the flight attendant’s face “go blank” during a call from the pilot of her flight into Philadelphia. Shapiro, of Souderton, first thought the delay in her usually 15-minute flight from Allentown on the morning of Nov. 16 was routine. Instead, the 35 passengers and three […]

A Pilot's Best Friend: Trim, Trim, Trim

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Are you a pilot and seek the secret to a smooth, easy flight? If you are forever wrestling with the controls and you have aching arms when you land, you are not using the pilot’s best friend – the trim wheel. Trimming the controls allow a pilot to balance the lift and drag being produced […]

The Importance Of GPS For Pilots

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When Amelia Earhart made her attempt to fly 29,000 miles around the world, available technology only allowed her to complete about 22,000 of the miles. Had GPS (Global Positioning System) been available to her, it is likely she would have been able to find and land on Howland Island in the mid-Pacific Ocean in July […]

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