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Chief Purser Clocks 30,000 Hours in Air

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A chief purser for Korean Air has flown more than 30,000 hours on airplanes, a record for a South Korean national, according to the airline. Park Gilyeong’s time in the air is roughly equivalent to three years and five months. The 56-year-old, whose position involves duties such as managing the cabin and flight paperwork, said […]

Watchdog Urges Korean Air To Stop Sexist Hiring

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South Korea’s official human rights watchdog urged Korean Air Lines Co. on Wednesday to stop banning male job seekers from applying for flight attendant positions, saying the policy violates a law banning sex discrimination. However, Korean Air said it has no intention of abiding by the watchdog’s advice because it “seriously” violates an individual company’s […]

Flight Attendant Game Takes Flight

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Those wanting to become cabin crew members can now have the opportunity to take a glimpse of the job in advance _ Korean Air has released an online game where players can experience life as a member of a cabin crew. The airline Thursday launched the game “Narara, Bihaeng Sonyeo (Fly, Flight Girl)!” jointly developed […]

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