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Continental’s Flight Attendant Gets Car For Perfect Attendance

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A Continental Micronesia employee who posted a perfect attendance from January to July this year received a car for her dedication and reliability.

Guam-based flight attendant Irene Redona-Carle, a 14-year veteran and Japanese language speaker, received an invitation to Houston to meet with Larry Kellner, Continental Airlines chief executive officer and chairman, and Jeff Smisek, Continental Airlines President and Chief Operating Officer.

Continental officers drew Redona-Carle’s name and eight others from among the thousands of qualified employees entered in the Perfect Attendance Drawing.

Redona-Carle chose the Ford Escape Hybrid among the other two car choices available: a sporty Ford Mustang or a Ford Explorer.

Since 1996, Continental Airlines has awarded employees to promote perfect attendance, giving away over 100 brand new cars, jet skis, and computers. For each six-month period, employees qualify to enter a drawing for a Ford Explorer, a Ford Mustang, or a Ford Escape Hybrid. The company also has a rolling six-month award for those who had any consecutive six months of perfect attendance. The prize selections are two one-way coach or first class passes.

Continental Micronesia’s employee incentive programs include a perfect attendance and an operational success program. The perfect attendance program recognizes and rewards employees for consecutive months or years of perfect attendance. The company’s on-time bonus program rewards employees with a cash bonus plan for their teamwork and dedication when the airline meets its on-time goals for the month.

Celebrating 40 years of service in Guam and Micronesia, Continental Micronesia is headquartered in Guam and operates a Pacific hub from the A.B. Won Pat International Airport. For more company information, go to (Continental)

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