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Discourteous Behaviour By Airline Cabin Crew

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Passengers travelling by an Indian budget airline have complaint of rude and disrespectful cabin crew.

They said that cabin crew of Air India Express often respond to the assistant button based on passenger appearances.

“I have come across this particular behaviour from the cabin crew a couple of times when I was flying to Kochi. A lot of Indian blue collar workers prefer to fly this airline because it is a budget airline.”

“Female crew members often delay to respond if the assistant button is pressed and in many instances, it leads to a verbal brawl,” said Vinit Gopalan a resident of Dubai.

In yet another incident a passenger reported a screaming incident by a cabin crew onboard one of the Air India Express flight originating from Calicut to Dubai. The passenger who witnessed the incident said that the exchange took place early this month on Air India Express IX 351.

“A Cabin Crew screamed towards a passenger who used his mobile phone while boarding. She then snatched the passenger’s phone. When he asked her to return his mobile phone, she pushed him in front of the fellow passengers screaming ‘Go back to your seat or otherwise I will slap you’. When fellow passengers objected to her screaming she told them off saying she had the power to slap a passenger and that she did the right thing and threatened to send away the passenger from the air craft. She refused to apologise,” said the passenger.

Shubhangi Vaidya, a customer relations officer at Air India Express said that the airline does not approve of such behaviour from the cabin crew. “If any passenger has a complaint they should immediately get in touch with the airport manager after they land. If need be complaints should be handed over in writing,” she said.

Vaidya said that complaints once received are then in forwarded to the relevant departments and a follow up is carried out.

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