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Famous People I Met While Working

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During the course of my duty, I have met some real famous movie stars and singers eg. Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Janet Jackson, the late Teresa Teng and a couple of HK stars whom I was not a fan of.
Among the stars I met, Sly was the nicest. He was not very tall like you would think he is, from his movies probably 5ft 7ins or about 1.7 m tall. Of course, he was good looking and well built. He had a gentle manner and jovial with the crew on the flight. Sly was a great passenger because he was able to make us comfortable serving him. The crew adored him.
Bruce Willis was just the opposite of Sly grumpy throughout the flight not friendly with the people around him. Perhaps, Bruce was tired on that long flight from LA to Singapore via Narita. Janet Jackson was sweet and she was with her mother travelling from Narita to LA. The crew working in the first class section were given photos with her signature on them.
Terasa Tang was a modest and soft spoken passenger. She was quiet throughout the flight from Singapore to HK. Oh this was many years before her death. I never met Sharon Stone but my colleagues had. I was told she once changed her blouse without her bra at the front of the cabin, oblivious to those around her. Well can we blame her when she had something to show? Steven Seagull was another wonderful person. My colleagues had the privilege to serve him. He was understanding and nice to all the crew. One inflight supervisor became a good buddy of Steve. There were other lesser known stars and younger ones whom my younger colleagues were more acquainted with.

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