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Flight Attendant Game Takes Flight

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Those wanting to become cabin crew members can now have the opportunity to take a glimpse of the job in advance _ Korean Air has released an online game where players can experience life as a member of a cabin crew.
The airline Thursday launched the game “Narara, Bihaeng Sonyeo (Fly, Flight Girl)!” jointly developed by Hansol Education’s online game affiliate Hansol DK, at the education game site
The game was developed according to Korean Air’s cabin service procedure and manual, so that gamers can grasp a real picture of what a Korean Air’s flight attendant job is really like.
The characters wear the same uniform as Korean Air attendants, while the airline’s seat design was directly adopted in the game, including the Cosmo Sleeper Seat in first class and the Prestige Plus Seat in business class.
In the game, the player becomes a cabin crewmember. He or she provides services to passengers, such as getting them drinks, and copes with various situations. If the gamer advances into higher levels, the background of the game is upgraded from economy class to business and first class. The character is also promoted from an intern to a purser.
In the game, the plane flies 162 routes, including those operated by Korean Air, such as routes to Munich, Sao Paulo, Tel Aviv and Tashkent. Various ending scenarios and congratulatory messages come at the conclusion of every game.
“By reenacting in-flight service in the cyber world, the game will provide fun to children and a job education program for flight attendant hopefuls,” a Korean Air official said.
The game will be available at and, Naver and Yahoo’s child portals, respectively, within the year.
In commemoration of the game launch, Korean Air is holding an event on its Web site,, through Dec. 25. Among those enjoying the game at the site or sending e-mails to friends to recommend the game, one person will be given the chance for a trip to Jeju Island, 30 others will receive B747 aircraft models, and another 30, a USB memory stick.


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  1. I like to be cabin crew…i join airasia almost 4 years

  2. I would like to ba a cabincrew too, but what about this games i can’t find it any where??

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