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Flight Attendant Job – Career With A Difference

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Each individual undergoing training for flight attendant job are trained in emergency evacuation procedures, crew coordination activities, security procedures and first aid, they are also briefed on weather and flying time by captain of the flight before the journey. There job demands them to check passenger safety devices and to oversee that the aircraft is well stocked with supplies.
Flight attendants welcome passengers while boarding, check the tickets, direct them to the seats, and assist them with their coats and luggage. Flight Attendants during the course of their job on line course briefs the passengers safety procedures before takeoff. While at cruise level, the attendants ensure that passenger seat safety belts are fastened whenever required; serve drinks, light refreshments, or precooked meals; distribute materials for reading; and answer general queries of passengers’.
Very important but often forgotten part in the job of flight attendants is to assist passengers during emergencies, which includes reassuring passengers to opening doors and inflating emergency slides for evacuation. They are also trained to provide first aid.
Airlines generally operate a flight with one to ten flight attendants which also depends on the fleet of planes operated by the airline. A typical Boeing 747 can have as many as twelve to sixteen flight attendants.
The turnover of flight attendant job which used to be traditionally very high has shown a decline in the last few years as more and more individuals are getting career conscious. Year 2007 should show an increase in flight attendant job openings due to the higher replacement needs of airlines.
Replacement need arises due to flight attendants leaving career or just leaving the labor force for better airlines. Employment of Flight Attendants is expected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations through the year 2007. Growth in population and income is expected to on line course the number of airline passengers. Airlines enlarge their capacity by increasing the number and size of planes in operation. More flight attendant job vacancies are bound to arise with acquisition of new aircrafts and also since Federal Aviation Administration safety rules require one attendant for every 50 seats flown.
Competition for jobs as Flight Attendants is expected to remain very keen because the number of applicants is expected to greatly exceed the number of job openings. The glamour of the airline industry and the opportunity to travel and meet people attract many applicants.
One of the best job satisfaction with a sense of pride and accomplishment, especially when you help an unaccompanied minor or handicapped passenger safely travel and reach their destination.


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  1. im intrest to become one of the workers in you compeny pleas infome me if have the interview fo cebin crew

  2. I am very much interested in cabin crew. But don’t know the place where the interviews are conducted. I stay in Navi Mumbai, so my preferred location would be somewhere near to mumbai or in mumbai itself. Please let me know the location of the interviews.. Thanks.

  3. You have to check SIA recruitment website to see when they’re coming over to your area to conduct an interview.

  4. I’m interested of becoming one of the flight attendants in the airline. What is the process of applying in the company? And where is the interviews conducted? Is there an office here in our country Philippines?

  5. Good Afternoon! i am iterested of what you post.Please let me know where i can apply?Thank you so much.Hoping for your reply soon.

  6. I am looking out for a job as a flight attendant and would b pleased to join ur company but i do not knw where the interviews are being held

  7. good day. any slot for ojt in flight stewardess? thank you 🙂

  8. Hi there,i’m keen in the cabin crew position(Steward)for any airline company that has requirements of 4 N level credits,i am a Indian Singapore citizen,30 years old, 1.76cm, 65kg, able to speak and write fluent English, Malay and also able to converse and understand basic Mandarin.Any chance that i might be qualified for the position?
    It would be very kind of you if you could reply to me via my E-Mail
    Much appreciation,speak soon.

  9. my name is made ,iam from bali,indonesia,just now i live in macau,i working in four season hotel macau,cotai strip,i need information about flight attendant,,if there any vacation please contac by email…or phone
    thank you
    be regard
    made sarjana

  10. my name is made, iam from bali indonesia:-):-):-) i live in taipa macau i need information about flight attendant if you any information please contac our emai thank you so much

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