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How To Land Your Dream Airline Stewardess Position

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The position of airline stewardess, or flight attendant on some airlines, is one that is sought after by many female professionals throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. There are a number of reasons for this high demand from professionals for these jobs. The pay for the average airline stewardess beats out wages for office workers and other positions, which is meant to be commensurate with time spent away from home and in the air. As well, the benefits and perks of an airline stewardess job are out of this world. Airline stewardesses get to fly for free around the country and the world, seeing destinations that others can only dream of.
However, the airline stewardess profession can be a difficult one. Depending on the airline and its scope of travel, stewardesses can be away from home for days and weeks at a time. The rigourous schedule, between the long flights and the nightly stays in strange cities, can be exhausting for some professionals. Other professionals, however, thrive on this pressure and it is one of the main reasons why they choose this field of work.
For these professionals, the airline stewardess is not a temporary job but a career option that fulfils their need for travel and daily challenges. In this case, airline stewardess professionals need to choose their positions wisely. Not every airline is equal and not every stewardess position offers the same benefits. Smaller airlines, corporate charter companies, and regional or speciality carriers offer stewardesses an interesting opportunity. More compact aeroplanes and smaller quarters mean that stewardesses have to be more diligent in their tasks and become better acquainted with travellers and flight crew members alike. As well, the regular routine of charter flights and smaller airlines means that a stewardess can sleep at home or in a familiar place every night of the week.
However, stewardess aspirants ultimately look to major airlines as their final career goal. These airlines can be tough to enter, though a few steps can be taken to expedite the process. A stewardess can gain experience with the aforementioned smaller airlines or in a graduate training program before applying for a job with a major carrier. As well, a stewardess can network with fellow flight professionals in order to find jobs. Finally, major airlines often contract out recruiting for stewardesses to speciality recruiting agencies. For stewardesses who want to have a long and successful career, no one step will ensure advancement in the field.

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