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International airlines have resumed their Mumbai operations from Tuesday after cancelling flights last week. The airlines cancelled flights as they were concerned about security of the cabin crew.

Some international airlines like Delta, KLM, North West, Lufthansa and Air France cancelled flights to Mumbai from November 27. Delta airlines cancelled their Mumbai-Altlanta flight from November 29 to December 1. “It was all done to ensure security of their cabin crew as crew of other airlines were stuck in hotels hit by terrorists,” said an official.

Lufthansa, North West and Air France had cancelled their flights on November 27. “The Lufthansa crew that operates on LH 757 was to fly on the Mumbai-Frankfurt flight. They could not make it as they were caught up in hotel Trident,” he added.

The crew of North-West Mumbai-Amsterdam flight was putting up at Taj. Although they were rescued, the airlines stopped operating flights to Mumbai till December 1.

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