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Jet’s Indian Pilots Firm That Before Pay-Cuts, Expats Must Go

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The stalemate between the Jet Airways management and its domestic pilots continues with the latter firm in their stand that the airline must first terminate the services of its expat pilots before discussing any pay-cut proposals with them.

“We are firm in our stand. We will not accept any pay cut, voluntary or otherwise, unless the management does away with expat pilots whose pay packets are much higher than ours,” a Jet Airways pilot told PTI here today.

“We (pilots) also wish that the company remains financially stable and are willing to negotiate with the management on salary cuts, but it (management) should also meet us half way. The management must accede to our demands on the expat pilots issue,” he said.

Jet Airways Chairman, Naresh Goyal, had recently requested the airline’s staff to take a voluntary pay-cut in view of the financial turbulence worldwide. He had also told the employees that the airline’s top management had already agreed to take a 25% cut in its salaries.

Subsequently, the airline fixed 10 December as the date by which the employees should respond to the management’s proposal.

“We have sought a meeting with the management on the issue as we have had no formal communication with the management ever since Goyal met us on 23 November,” the pilot said.
Alongside the pay-cut issue, the pilots also oppose what they termed as the “management’s unilateral decision” to lower their allowances.

“The management has reduced our variables without taking us into confidence which is not acceptable,” the pilot said.

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