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Jet Airways Retrench Hundreds Of Cabin Crews

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India’s Jet Airways is about to lay off hundreds of flight attendants, beginning this week, in order to cut costs. The Times of India is reporting that as many as 850 Jet Airways cabin crew will receive termination letters this week in what is said to be the largest layoff in the history of Indian aviation. Most of those who will be let go have been working for the airline for less than a year and a half. An article on another news website,, says that the number of layoffs will be 600.

In any case, the current round of terminations may not be the end of the crew cutbacks at Jet Airways. The Times of India quoted an unnamed airline official who said, “The rumour doing the rounds here is that more cabin crew lay-offs are on their way. Even the people who de-rostered the crew today fear that they may soon be at the receiving end themselves.”

The current layoffs have come with little advance warning to the flight attendants. From The Times of India:
The retrenched crew are said to have taken it very hard, particularly since they were given a verbal job assurance as recently as two months ago by the top management. Chief commercial officer Sudhir Raghavan in one of his weekly Friday interactions with the cabin crew had said that their jobs were insulated. “Irrespective of whatever cost cuts we make, Mr Goyal has told me not to touch the cabin crew, he had said,” a crew member recalled Raghavan saying. “So no one pressed the panic button when Goyal and Mallya made the tie-up announcement,” he adds.
“It’s not just the junior staff, even experienced personnel like the crew and ground staff at Jet’s San Francisco base will be laid off once the airline calls off its flights in January,” the source said.

Jet Airways announced in a press release earlier this month that the Mumbai-Shanghai-San Francisco route will be discontinued effective January 13, 2009.

In a separate press release this week, Jet Airways announced an “alliance of wide-ranging proportions” with Kingfisher Airlines, intended to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies.

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