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Jet Cuts Pilot, Cabin Crew Allowances

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Though pilots and cabin crewmembers escaped direct cuts in their salaries, Jet Airways has gone ahead with major cuts in allowances that flight captains, co-pilots and crewmembers are entitled to. Generally these allowances are in the form of layover allowances and monthly and yearly overtime hour allowances.
According to a Jet Airways pilot, while earlier a flight captain was entitled to between Rs 3,500-4,000 per night as a domestic layover allowance and a co-pilot entitled to Rs 1,500 per night for the same, the same has been stopped with effect from this month.
As far as international layover allowances are concerned, the daily amount has been decreased to $140 per night for flight captains from $200. For co-pilots, the same has been brought down to $100. A layover allowance stands for the grant given to pilots and cabin crewmembers on a per day basis for overnight stays outside their home cities. For pilots, even their over-time allowances have been discontinued by the airline.
When contacted about the cuts in the allowances of pilots and cabin crew staff, a Jet airways spokesperson said that the allowances have been rationalised as per international standards. Also in the firing line are Jet’s cabin crewmembers — over 800 of who escaped from a lay-off move by the airline in September this year. A cabin crewmember with the airline confirmed the news about their allowances getting cut as well.

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