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Jetstar Airways Requirement

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•At least 2 years of experience in customer service preferably from the hospitality, retail or food & beverage industries.
•Minimum N or O-Level
•You will need to have excellent communication skills with a strong command of the English language. Ability to speak one other Asian language will be highly regarded.


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  1. can u specify more details like where should i go to apply online application and also can i know when’s the next recruiting interview dates?My requirement seems to fits @ the height of 1.60..age 19.. Thanks!! 🙂

  2. be a cabin crew its my dream. Do u offer the job for malaysian or only singaporean and pr need to apply. pls update.

  3. hi………… i want to be a cabin crew with jet airways.and i have done aviation diploma and its a rewarding job for me.

  4. I am keen in joining Jetstar airway. In any opportunity i would like to apply.. When is the interview going to be held? I meet all requirement and i am height 165cm female 2 and a half yrs experience in retail line. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you !

  5. hi..i am keen in joining Jetstar airline,its my ambition since young.i thought that i have met e requirements n i have experience working in a hospitality line for 4 years now..height is 158cm.,so hence,when is the next interview?i will appreciate if u can email me soon.thank u..have a nice day.

  6. Im interested…email to send resume??

  7. Hi…. I meet the above requirement…. I have a 3yrs of flying experience and still working with a leading asian carrier… Need to relocate to bkk for personal reasons… If u could direct where to mail my resume.

  8. Hi,I’m keen in the position offered ..May I know how can I apply this job ?And when will be the next opening ?Im 22yrs old,1.62cm ..I do have 2yrs of experience in customer service/food and beverage..I really hope to hear from you soon ..

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