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Jetstar's Requirement

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Successful applicants will be offered:
• A competitive salary with additional allowance when away from home.
• A career in aviation within a growing international airline.
• The opportunity to make new friends, have fun and enjoy job satisfaction.
• Generous travel benefits and the opportunity to fly away on your days off.
Minimum requirements are:
• Singapore national or Permanent resident.
• GCE’O’ level and above.
• Able to swim at least 50 meters non stop and tread water.
• Experienced in customer service.
• Comfortable in selling role.
• Proficiency in written and spoken English language.
• Valid passport with at least 24 months validity (photocopy required)
• Personal E-mail address.
• Japanese language will be advantageous.
• TOEIC score 700 minimum (or equivalent).
Note: Male applicants must have completed national service.
The following original documents (and one photocopy of each) must be presented at the time of the application:
• Identification card.
• Passport
• Highest level of education qualification
• One recent photo


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  1. Hi
    Do you still recruit part time cabin crew? I am 33 years old, but no flying experience.
    Please advise.

  2. For 33 you’re a tad too old unless you have flying experience.

  3. Hi I am interested in applying for the part time cabin crew position. I was a cabin crew with an American Airline for 14 years. I stopped flying in 2005 when I had my third baby.
    Please advise. Thanks.

  4. Hi
    Does Jetstar still recruit part time cabin crew, know someone who has over 20 years of experience and age 44, but passsion for flying, please advise. Thank you.

  5. Hi :
    Am currently looking forward to work as a cabin crew in Jetstar,please advice on how can i apply it.
    Was working with Singapore Airport Terminal Services (1995-2002)
    Currently as a Store Manager In the retail industry

  6. hi, i’m interest being a cabin crew but i got no experiences… i’m a mother of 2 n i’m 25 yrs old.. i need a reply frm u … thx…

  7. Hi, i’m really intrested in being a cabin crew but i got no experiences.. i’m a mother of 2 & i’m 22 yrs old.. i need ur advice.. pls reply me.. tnx…..

  8. hi, i’m interested in being a cabin crew, but i’ve got ‘N’ level and have a tattoo on my neck is it possible?

  9. hi, i interested in being into cabin crew member i having a higher nitc 2 currenty wait for my dipolma.(part time psb) current work as a assistant engingeer in umc. but i have services experience…. can u get back to me i this year 23 end my national services. hope u get back to me ….

  10. Hi, i m interested to apply for cabin crew for jetstar airlines. I have no experience but yet i wanna gain the experience. But sadly i only stands at 1.56m tall. Is it no harm trying to apply?

  11. Hi there,
    Did u manage to get into Jetstar?
    Cos i wanted to apply too! =(

  12. btw, thats my email 🙂

  13. Hi, i’m really interested to join Jetstar as cabin crew. i am currently working with an event company. I’m love to interact with people at all level. The only problem i’m facing is that i can’t swim very well. Is it a must to be a swimmer? hope to get a reply …thank you

  14. hi this is Ninia, i am interested to be a flight attendant again, i resigned to my last job as a cabin crew for 5 years and 8 months because i need more challenging, more destinations and dealing to other passengers. i hope you can give me a chance to hold this opportunity..thanx

  15. Hi! It is possible for me to be a flight attendant if i am a fresh gradudate with not much working experience?
    Thanks for advise!

  16. 16 February 2010
    I am writing to express my interest in Cabin Crew position in Jetstar Airline;
    I have served in sales and leadership roles for 6 years in Dubai U.A.E and currently working in singapore with continued success in meeting the goals set for me by my superiors. I’m Filipino citizen but not permanent resident of singapore, but this is my dream to be a cabin crew.
    What I bring to the position is to provide Service Straight from the Heart that all cabin crew proudly to deliver and therefore, I’m confident that I can do the same as a member of your team.
    I believed that I can learn and handle such situations like; Slide Evacuation, First Aid and Customer Service Skills that I know the mock up in-flight service situation is given to a new Cabin Crew position, Lot’s of Hands-On experience and opportunity to practice the newly found skills.
    In summary, I bring a sense of commitment, dedication and professionalism to every aspect of my work, and I am confident that my expertise in Customer Service, Meeting with different people, different languages, and different traditions are both interesting and challenging role for me. I’m very fun loving person, easy to learn and work in a place where I can widen my horizon and explore my potential. wish you can help me to work in airline industry most specially as a cabin crew position.
    Thanks in Advance
    Jill Q. Paguia

  17. Hi,there will be a walk-in interview on 23rd march =) Gd luck to all whose going !

  18. hi yeo..
    i’m interested in the interview for Jetstar on 23rd March 10.. Can u advise me the venue and time?.. Would appreciate for your reply.. thanks =)

  19. Hi i’m Saira,
    I m interested being a cabin crew but i do not know how to swim but willing to learn to reach the miles ahead .
    Pls notify me at my email address .
    Thank You

  20. Saira…is this the email to send for jetstar?

  21. Hi…I want to be a flight attendant, i am a mother of 1 kid and my husband is working here in singapore and I am a Filipino…and our PR application is still on process…is it possible to apply on your airline company?

  22. can malaysian appy for Jetstar stewardess?

  23. Good evening,
    I am 28 this year, have customer service experience in retail/sales industy currently working as a sales admin asst and I just completed CSP course (WDA). I do not have any flying experience and I’m not a good swimmer (frog + free style ^^).
    My weakness is not a good English speaker (95% talking in mandarin). I apply to be a cabin crew cause it a dream for most female and I’m one and I am willing to learn other.
    I will be grateful to receive your advise. Thanks

  24. Hi, I am interested to apply for cabin crew, who can i email to?
    Please advice.
    Thank You

  25. hi .im currently serving ns .completing in dec .im interested in being a cabin crew for jetstar .how do i apply ?

  26. Hi!
    I’m interested to work as a flight attendent for a long time.
    I love to work and travelling in different countries.
    I have an experience in retail beauty industry for 10 yrs.
    Fluent in english, mandarin, malay n dialect.
    Higher education sec3. For only that i missed. Do i have a chance to pass the interview?
    Please email me for advise. Thanks!

  27. Hi, I really really hope you get back to me..
    I really wanna be a cabin crew for jetstar, I love your
    cabin crew uniform as well.I am hldg on to 4N levels only, and I am working
    for sats in changi airport.. For 2yrs, working in the
    airport for 5years altogether, 3years with aetos security
    screening officer, I love interacting with people around the world
    and making more friends at the same time.. Pls adv me whether it’s ok
    if I apply for jetstar. Thanking you.

  28. hi there, do Jetstar takes plus size for cabin crew? What are the accepted weight?

  29. Hi……..
    Can i get details of walkin interview for cabin crew in mumbai / pune e.g date,place,time etc

  30. Hi,
    i would like to apply ground stewardess, is this job recruitment open to public?
    Pls advise me on the details of applying the job of ground stewardess/ ground job.
    Really appreciated your help.

  31. hi,i really would like to be part as a cabin crew.. but my minimum qualification is only sec 3..
    looking forward for your reply..

  32. hi..
    i am very very interested in JetStar cabin crew.
    Can i know when is the next recruitment dates?
    Thank you 🙂

  33. Im interested in joining the Jetstar international airlines. Im 1.53m tall. Do i meet the requirement?

  34. hi,
    i would like to apply for the post of cabin crew because i love to travel . Its my dream to work as a cabin crew, because i want to adopt my self in the service or hospitality industry ,as i was a college student i would like to work as a cabin crew only on a part time basis , after i finish my degree i will work as a cabin crew on full time basis because i need to upgrade my skills within these four years and i need to know thoroughly about this job and i would to become a experienced person that will help me to start my career in full time basis

  35. Hello,
    I am 22 this year and i am interested in applying for the position of Cabin Crew. Please let me know when is the next recruitment dates. Thank You.

  36. Is it a must for a cabin crew staff to swim??

  37. Is it a must for a cabin crew staff to swim?? Or will others aspects will be considered as well??

  38. I am a cabin crew for air niugini and I want to apply for Singapore airline cabin crew so let me know.

  39. Hi im eisha and im 26years..i got urasian look and i would like to apply as a jetstar cabin crew but i got no experience in airlines..lm really want to work as cabin crew and ready to take any challenges
    Im working as part time model and have experience in marketing
    juzt want to know is it im qualified
    how and where to apply really wait for ur reply,tks

  40. Important
    To all you wannabe flight attendants
    Why on earth would you want to work at jq
    1) the pay is less or around the same you would make at a fast food store
    2) long hours 11+
    3) unsure if you will get a meal brake or a chance to sit down
    4) working through the night 9pm -6am 5nights in a row
    5) no more weekends with your friends or family
    6) chance to see the world ….no
    7) staff travel …..yes but little time to use it
    Vigin Australia would be the way to go

  41. How can for this job?

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