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Job Prospects Of Cabin Crew

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Despite growing demand for flight attendants, competition is expected to be keen because this job usually attracts more applicants than there are jobs, with only the most qualified eventually being hired. College graduates who have experience dealing with the public should have the best chance of being hired. Job opportunities may be better with the faster growing regional and commuter, low-cost, and charter airlines. There also are job opportunities for professionally trained flight attendants to work for companies operating private aircraft for their executives.
The majority of job opportunities through the year 2016 will arise from the need to replace flight attendants who leave the labor force or transfer to other occupations, often for higher earnings or a more stable lifestyle. With the job now viewed increasingly as a profession, however, fewer flight attendants leave their jobs, and job turnover is not as high as in the past. The average job tenure of attendants is currently more than 14 years and is increasing.
In the long run, opportunities for persons seeking flight attendant jobs should improve as the airline industry expands. Over the next decade, however, demand for flight attendants will fluctuate with the demand for air travel, which is highly sensitive to swings in the economy. During downturns, as air traffic declines, the hiring of flight attendants declines, and some experienced attendants may be laid off until traffic recovers.


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  1. i want to apply for cabin crew job in charter airlines of india .. i have got experience of 06 years in aviation .
    worked with Kingkisher airlines and cambata aviations..if any vacancies please let me inform.
    thank you
    shelly anand

  2. Hi
    I am Priyanka , sweet and nice girl having 3 years work experience in private sector. I want to apply for flight attendant in charter flights. So give me a call anytime if any vacancies.
    Thank You

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