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London “Bakery” Case

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Heard of the London “Bakery”case? Maybe most of you have not. Well, some 20 over years ago there was a big case concerning a white British girl who literary “lived” in the London crew hotel with the stewards. This girl was a minor, a teenager. She ran away from her parents’ house and stayed with the male crew. She was the crew’s “property” because they fed her, slept with her and even gave her pocket money. She hung around with various stewards until one day the London police came knocking at a steward’s hotel door.There, they arrested 2 brothers (stewards) with the minor.

The authorities wanted to charged the stewards with kidnapping and raping the girl but somehow they could not proved that the 2 stewards were guilty of any wrongdoings. In fact, the young girl told the police the crew had been very kind to her. The girl’s parents wanted to sue SIA over the incidence but there again their lawyers couldn’t proved any misdeed on the part of SIA or it stewards. The was an internal discipinary inquiry at the SIA office back in Singapore but the 2 stewards were cleared off any misconduct.

The younger of the 2 brothers have since been retired while the older one is still with SIA. Now, the actual story was the guys did have “fun” with the girl and she liked it. Although she was a minor, she looked like she was in her twenties, beautiful and matured. Well, what would one expect? Guys being guys, so I will leave it to your own imagination.

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