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Mesa Air Pilots Sign Off On New Contract

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Pilots for Mesa Air Group (NASDAQ: MESA) approved a new contract with the Phoenix-based airline.

The Air Line Pilots Association, which represents the pilots, said the union approved the labor pact with Mesa with 51 percent of pilots voting for it.

ALPA represents 1,200 Mesa Air pilots.

The contract addresses scheduling changes and indicates that both sides will revisit other issues in 21 months when pilots hope market conditions have improved.

“This new agreement represents a step forward for all Mesa pilots,” said Capt. Kevin Wilson, chairman of the ALPA unit at Mesa in a statement. “No concessions were made for this contract, which is no small feat, given the state of our company and the industry. Thanks to our negotiators and the support of ALPA, we were able to achieve significant quality of life and other improvements at or above industry average.”

The current contract became open to changes in 2007.

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