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Northwest Airlines Flight Attendants To Testify

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Tomorrow, November 13, 2008, Northwest Airlines flight attendants will testify before the Metropolitan Affairs Committee for the State of Minnesota and Representative Debra Hilstom. The Committee is investigating how the merger of Northwest Airlines with Delta Air Lines will impact the contracts the state has with the carrier. The Northwest flight attendants, represented by he Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA-CWA), will testify at the hearing alongside union representatives of other work groups at Northwest.
Northwest Airlines flight attendants have been concerned about the loss of union representation (among other things) ever since the plans to merge Northwest and Delta were first announced. In a statement about the upcoming hearings in Minnesota, Patricia Friend, AFA-CWA International President, said, “We applaud the state of Minnesota on their continued commitment to evaluating the potential consequences of the merger on the state and citizens of the state. This merger has the potential to break the long standing commitments with Minnesota that has enabled Northwest Airlines to become a viable and successful merger partner, and it also threatens to break Northwest flight attendants’ contract and eliminate the union and destroy over 60 years of collective bargaining rights.”
Delta Air Lines flight attendants have never had union representation. Now that the merger is official, the combined the Delta-Northwest flight attendant group must vote to become members of AFA-CWA. According to the rules of the National Mediation Board (NMB), which oversees such representational elections, if less than 50 percent of Delta and Northwest flight attendants participate in the election, the NMB will declare that vote invalid and Northwest flight attendants will lose their contract.

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