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Outline Of Emirates Recruitment Process

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Open Day
You can go anytime from 9am to 4pm to hand in your CV/application forms. Not sure whether things have changed now cos my interview was a year ago. Those successful on this day – which includes arm reach test and a discussion round selection – will be notified of returning for briefing on the same day. My group then consisted of 10 ppl and 2 of us were selected. Open Day here is conducted by the airline-assigned agency and it’s only a ‘screening’ process. During this briefing you will be advised of your Assessment Day, which will be carried out by the EK Recruiting Officers.
Assessment Day
Assessment Day is about 2 weeks after Open Day. It lasts all day starting with knowing more about EK and Dubai + FAQ, follow by various tasks – 1) discussion, 2) another arm reach / appearance check, 3) English proficiency test, 4) final group discussion. There are 3 elimination rounds as the day progresses. So if you’re successful throughout you could be there from 8.30am to 5~7pm. At the end of Assessment Day for those successful, you sit for your Psycometric papers and be informed of date for Final Interview.
Final Interview
This is conducted by the EK Recruiting Officers and usually takes place very soon after Assessment Day. There will be documents you have to prepare and bring with you. Result of Final Interview will be made to you either via email or phone call from Dubai, 2-6 weeks after your Final Interview.


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  1. Actually the Final Interview is not the LAST round!! Like last week, 1 week after received the email from EK which asked for resignation letter, I received an email from the EK that my offer has been withdrawn, before 5 days of my journey to Dubai.. I was feeling like the end of the world! Because I had also cancelled my student visa. Then I called to Dubai to find out what’s happened? I just knew that because I failed in my pre-employment medical check up, due to my scoliosis, which is 32 degrees (the criteria is not over or equivalent to 30 degrees). But still wondering why they asked me to resign then?

  2. Can you tell me what the process is because I gonna attend an open day. Thanks

  3. omg im soo nervous. Im going for emirates interview in 2weeks time. Do they actually very strict with our weight? Because im a lil bit skinny..eventhough im working with airlines now..different airlines have different procedures..

  4. emirates offered me a job, i submitted medicals report as they required. but 3 weeks passed and i haven’t received any feedback from my medical result. can anybody tell me how long will i have to wait for their reply? thanks in advance.

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