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Pilot Makes Emergency Landing In Millington

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A pilot was injured Tuesday in Millington after he was forced to make an emergency landing at the airport. Airport officials say thanks to training they were adequately prepared for a tense and dangerous situation.

“We’re actually quite pleased that the extent of the damage and injuries were minimized” said Millington Airport Authority Executive Director Tracy Williams.

Millington Airport Authority and fire crew’s responded immediately when an approaching pilot in a twin engine turbo propeller plane called in an alert two, meaning trouble.

“He declared an emergency when one of his engines had failed,” said Chief Danny Turpin with the Millington Fire Department. “He was not sure if he was going to be able to make the airfield.”

Williams said its procedure to look for an alternate landing site such as a highway so the pilot was preparing to land on Highway 51, causing ground crews to hurry and secure the area.

“That’s what we were doing in this time when the chief indicated they were making an attempt to clear traffic that was ground traffic towards the freeway.”

But the pilot was able to make it to the runway, but the plane slid off of it and smashed through a fence damaging the nose of the plane and a wing where fuel is stored. Chief Turpin said a quick response prevented another potential danger.

“We did have some fuel that emptied from the aircraft but the air crash personnel that responded to it immediately put foam over the fuel spill which secured the fuel from ignition.”

Though the pilot was transported with minor injuries, Williams said without the proper procedures it could have been much worse.

“Pilots train for situations like this all the time, so this is what we train for this is what we practice for and it worked out according to the training.”

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