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Planes, Slaps and Sex

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Garnering more than a million hits since its first post in August 2006, popular blog SIA Cabin Crew Stories is not the only online source for Netizens to read about the glamorous, the scandalous and the ugly of life as a member of the flight crew with Singapore’s national carrier. In the last few months, a handful of other such ‘stewardess blogs’ have started appearing in the blogosphere, much to the delight of curious readers. What’s more, most of these cabin crew bloggers are not shy at all when it comes to dishing out the details.
Stories about difficult passengers, problem co-workers and tales of stewardesses and their wild sexual antics with the captain are just some of the many posts on the blogs of both current and ex-flight cabin crew found on the Internet.
‘Ex-stewardess’ and blogger Beh, who declines to name the airline she used to work with, posted several accounts of her sexual exploits with different men during the course of her career. Among the more notable ones are those detailing her affair with a “dashing and handsome” captain who was already married. According to Beh’s posts, the pair had sex several times during a stopover in Los Angeles and she even had a threesome with the captain and his friend.
How difficult is it for one to sleep with a stewardess’ Not very, according to ‘ex-SIA steward’ Boh Tong, who runs SIA Cabin Crew Stories. One must be a senior male crew to qualify for this perk, although junior male crew still somewhat stand a chance. Admitting that he was ‘speaking from past experience’, Boh Tong reasons that staying at hotels during stopovers is conducive and convenient for crew to engage in sexual affairs, and it does not matter whether the man is married or not.
Indeed it seems as if affairs between stewardesses and pilots are not uncommon. ‘SIA stewardess’ Gloria wrote on her blog that she had broken up with her Japanese boyfriend and is now having an affair with a pilot who was already married. Her lover’s wife is an ex-stewardess.
Aside from writing sometimes very detailed accounts about their love affairs and sex lives, the bloggers are also very vocal when it comes to writing about difficult passengers. Gloria called a group of delegates travelling to China ‘thoughtless and greedy’, complaining that the Business Class passengers pressed the call button repeatedly and ordered bar drinks ‘like there is going to be no tomorrow’.
Boh Tong recalled an incident during a flight to Japan when a cabin crew accidentally spilled a drink onto a Japanese passenger’s shirt. The passenger then demanded that SIA compensate him for the soiled shirt with 10,000 yen ($130) notes stacked to his height, in addition to a Boeing 747 aircraft.
Readers too, have written in to share their experiences with the bloggers. Sue, who claims to be a stewardess, had her story featured on Boh Tong’s blog. She wrote about a male passenger seated in Economy Class who demanded special treatment because he was a member of the Solitaire PPS Club, a privileged loyalty card program with SIA.
The passenger had requested for a copy of a newspaper, which Sue was unable to provide as there is a shortage. Ignoring Sue’s offers to fulfil his request later, the old Chinese man flashed his Solitaire PPS card at Sue and told her to “take this to Business Class” and get the newspaper. When Sue returned to him telling that there were no extra copies, the passenger then took his card, marched into the next cabin and helped himself to the newspapers meant for other passengers.
If these ‘horror stories’ are still insufficient to deter cabin attendant hopefuls from trying their luck at the interviews, bright-eyed wannabes can still find plenty of tips online. Luke SS Tan, an ‘ex-cabin crew training and check executive’ with SIA holds talks on a regular basis to help aspiring stewards and stewardesses pass the interviews. Because his talks have gained popularity online, SS Tan had also started to offer a PDF ‘Programme’ version of his tips at $30 a pop.
For those with a limited budget, they can read ;new SIA stewardess’ SG Girl’s accounts of all the selection rounds conducted by the airline. But even this new recruit seems somewhat disillusioned by the demanding duties of a flight attendant. In a post about a typical work day, the normally enthusiastic newcomer writes that her ‘heart sinks’ when she learns that the flight will be full and she envisions the rigors of work ahead of her, “but the day hasn’t even begun.”

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