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Questions Before Attending A Cabin Crew Interview

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* Is it really want I want to be doing ?
* Am I afraid of staying up 20 hours straight with make-up, shoes and customers to please in an aircraft ?
* Will I be OK with moving to a foreign country (Dubai UAE, for example) or not ?
* Being on the move 24/7, christmas, NYE, Holiday periods bothers me ?
* Does a strict/standard driven atmosphere bores you already ?
* Wearing a uniform is a burden ?
* SMILE 24/7 doesn’t suit you ?
* You like working in a team ?
* You like meeting new people every day ?
* You like moving around ?
* You like the customer service industry ?
* You like satisfying others might it be colleagues or customers ?
* You like learning new cultures ?
* You speak TWO languages ?

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