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Sacking Of PPS Taipei James' Leading Stewardess Mistress

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The story according to boh tong in his blog was like this:
‘James’ a PPS passenger from Taipei was giving the staff and crew a hard time whenever he travelled with SQ. He antagonised someone from SQ management and cabin crew division looked into his mistress work record and found her to be involved in a few medical fraud cases and was sacked.
The truth of the matter was ‘James’ wanted the Taipei ground staff to upgrade his mistress from business class to the first class section. They ground staff told him they would have done the upgrading if not for the presence of a cabin crew executive on the flight (the ground staff was passing the buck to the CCE)
Angered by the reason for not upgrading his mistress,James took it on the CCE during the flight. He abused the CCE (happened to be a relatively young female graduate CCE) and complained to SIA that this particular CCE slept on the job.
The cabin crew manager in charge of this CCE did not accept the complaint as valid,knowing that this graduate CCE was a high flyer and not capable of sleeping on the short flight between TPE and JPN.
The manager was also informed of the name of the LSS who was James’ mistress and he immediately ordered the cabin crew “Medical Tribunal” staff to investigate the medical as well as work records of this particular LSS.
Unfortunately for the LSS,she had committed a couple of MC fraud cases and the result was,she was fired.

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