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Silkair's Requirement

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Silkair Requirements:
•Minimum height of 1.58cm
•Minimum of 3 GCE ‘O’ Level or 4 GCE ‘N’ Level credits including English.
•Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents preferred.


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  1. i have the interest to be a cabin crew for do i apply for it? im @ the height of abt 1.52..age 24..

  2. Im interested in silkair cabin crew.Kindly advice hw do i apply for it?Thanks!

  3. Hi, I’m interested in being a Silkair Cabin Crew too. But they doesn’t seems to have much advertising on the recruitment details unlike SIA. Can I know when’s the next recruiting interview dates? Thanks!!

  4. hi, im really interested and eager on becoming a Silkair Cabin Crew. Pls specify more details like where should i go to apply online application and also can i know when’s the next recruiting interview dates?Thanks in advance!!

  5. Hey.. Y no reply?? U all ask qst but nobody replies… BORING!!!!

  6. Hi Good evenings to you! Hi i’m Ruby, 19 years old. My requirement seems to fits into the requirement in Silkair…
    I’m interested and kin to apply as an Cabin crew in Silkair…
    Call me 96706522 in advance, or send me in details to my email.
    I would appreciate your kindess thank you. I hope to get your reply promptly.

  7. Hi I m 25 this year. My height is 1.65m. I would like to apply for the post of cabin crew. Kindly give me a call at 84532448 for the next coming interview date. Thanks a lot 🙂

  8. Hi I’m Halimah n I’m 22yrs old. My requirement seems to fits into the requirement in Silkair. I’m really interested in joining under cabin crew in Silkair.
    You may email me at my email address.

  9. Well you can check the SIA website for recruitment news.

  10. Hi, I’m interested in being a Silkair Cabin Crew. How do i apply for it?
    Can i know when is the next recruiting interview dates?
    You can email me at my email address.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank You

  11. You can check the silkair website for recruitment exercise.

  12. For those who are seriously in becoming part of Silkair, get yourself a copy of Straits Times Recruit section on every sat. They will advertise there if there is anycoming recruitment. Look carefully and you will bond to find it.

  13. why it takes too long to get the information that we need??

  14. can malaysian apply too?cos sia also recruiting malaysian and i wonder if silkair do so.

  15. I just want to know how do i go about to aplly becoming silkair cabin crew. is that so hard?? no answers being relied above…wth….

  16. Hi,
    Mam /Sir,
    I am looking for cabin Crew please let me now…

  17. hi there…im shankaran here…i would likr to join as a flight steward…i would like to know if there’s any vacancy…

  18. sad i missed the interview this round.. i wonder if anybody knows there will be any interview coming up for silkair again?

  19. Appreciate if any guys know when is the next intake pm me pls.

  20. Hi I’m Fadhilah and I’m 19yrs old. My requirement seems to fits into the requirement in Silkair. I’m really interested in joining under cabin crew in Silkair.
    You may email me at my email address.

  21. listen’am shabil am studying for aviation in kochin i completed aviation to this march iam hot dude with cool attitude am really interestedin joining under cabin crew in silkair u may email me at my email address

  22. how can i apply 4 tis airlines; can u giv ur email /somthing

  23. I’m keen too,pls let me know if there’s any recruitment.

  24. Hi Angel,I’ve checked the website but no updates yet.You may want to register online thru their website first.Let’s keep each other posted and hope to see you on the next interview frm ’em.All da best.:)

  25. Hi there! How do i register through their website?

  26. I’m keen & eager to fly with SilkAir since I don’t have to travel in stretch days and layovers far too long.Why not just for the experience.Keep me posted via email.Thanks heaps 🙂

  27. Hey Godiva, thanks for your info. Yes surely,maybe we could go together too. Wish you luck =)

  28. Yeah why not.Lol seems like we gotta check on the updates often.Heard frm my friend that SQ interview queue last Sunday was unbelievably long.Haha.Keep in touch.

  29. Yups, haha. Will keep you updated on any info I come across. Sadly but true, my friend went too but didn’t get through. Keep in touch and takecare!

  30. Hi Angel & all,there’ll be another recruitment for Silkair on 5/6th Marcg.I’m headin for Fri 5th Mar,anyone keen to meet up there.Email me

  31. Hi my name is Thomas George.I’m 21 years old.
    I’m looking for a job in silkair.I want to become a cabin crew in silk air. If I would like to know if there’s any vacancy…

  32. hey, can i know when is the next recruitment for silkair?

  33. hie, im sharifah and this year im 21 yrs old.
    i would like to know when is the cabin crew recruitment for silkair?

  34. Hey there. I only manage to get informations on SQ recruitment. I would like to know the recruitment for SilkAir as im very interested. Please keep me updated via email. Thank You.

  35. Hi Leen,there’ll be another drive for SLKAIR nxt Fri/Sat 5/6 Mar.I’m headin for Fri’s.Wanna meet there?

  36. COol!! Tanks! Sure, if i finish my lessons early i would love to meet u there! Would it be alright to know the timing for both days? N how did u manage to check it out?

  37. Check Silkair website.All da best if u plan to head by.

  38. Thanks alot! I really appreciate it! N all the best to u to0!! Looking forward to it!

  39. Hi there wants to work in silk air as cabin crew position but i’m not singaporean or permanent residence, I’m filipino and graduated as bachelor of Science in Tourism major in Airline operation, I’m working in dubai for about 6 years as a manager in retail industry and currently working here in singapore for about 2 months, Kindly advise the recruitment date for some foreigners. your help is highly appreciated to make my dream come true.
    Thanks and regards,
    +65 94450823

  40. Just try and gv a shot,ain’t too sure if they r strict on it though.

  41. hie, im ellisa..
    i would like to know when is the cabin crew recruitment for silkair?i have the interest to be a cabin crew…how do i apply for it? im @ the height of 1.60..age 19..

  42. Hi Ellisa,
    will you be going for the recuitment drive alone?

  43. Hi , i am interested in Cabin crew job in silk air. so how do I join and Can you accept Male?

  44. Unfortunately they employ Ladies only if you check thru their webs.

  45. i am goin for the silkair interview tomorrow, am not sure if 2 “o” levels are ok to still try on…. any tips for it,thx.

  46. can i apply for the job if my height is around 1.65?

  47. anyhow i too am wondering if 2 ‘n’s’&a wsq csp be alright to apply for the next round of ground position here
    really keen on flight counter sales as a fresh start in career

  48. Heyy.. anyone knows when the next recruitment is? I missed the march recruitment drive. Im really interested in joining silkair but my height is only 157 when the requirement is 158. Can i still be given the chance despite my height which is lesser than 1cm?

  49. Tt’s exactly how I am too.. & i’m very interested to try out for their next recruitment (:

  50. I always wish to join in this industry. but dont have the courage to do so. can someone advice me on how i should go along. and when is the next interview ?

  51. wondering why NO age limited? now i am 33
    I’m going walk-in in penang but my height is 156cms. Should i give a try?
    I have experience as cabin crew before but 7 years ago wth an domestic airline in Thailand.

  52. Hi i am still a student. how do i apply through your website? currently taking my O-levels this year, but i have a normal acadamic N-level certificate 2009.

  53. Hi,
    I’m 21 yrs old. height, 1.7m . “O” level holder. I’m interested in joining silkair. Is they anymore interview? or any address that i can send my retails too? Do they only accept pretty gals? Do i stil stand a chance?

  54. Hi,
    I,m 29 years old, height of 164. do i still stand the chance of joining silkair as im still keen .can i get to know when there willt here b an ongoing intheview, pls get bk to me n let me know tks …

  55. Hello,
    i am 18 years old with a height of 170cm. My mum was an airhostess on private jets for a Saoudi Arabian Sjeikh, she has great memories and experiences ,which only makes me want it even more. i have been wanting to be an air hostess ever since i was 8. If i am given this opportunity i will not let the company down.
    you can reach me on +65 82378728
    with regards

  56. Hi,
    If u r keen in the job, at least do some research. Even if u post your address here, u will still not be able to get the jobs. This is a general blog. Make up your mind which airline u are keen in.

  57. Job Vacancies
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    79-81 Gloucester Terrace, London , UK .
    I am Mrs.Aviss Kair, the Brunel Hotel Suites London Vacancies Announcement Secretary.
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    If you can meet our requirement please reply for further procedures. The management will take care of your feeding,accommodation including your air ticket. We will provide all the relevant backup documents to enable the applicant get his or her visa at U.K-Embassy in the applicant’s country.Visas will be issued upon approval from U.K Immigration lawyer. World international passport (WIP) is made available for applicants that does not have a valid passport for their trip to UK . If you are interested to work with us, respond to this mail as a matter of urgency. if you are willing to apply,contact us back via this Email address: for more information about the jobs and salary details OK, I am Mrs. Aviss Kair.
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    Brunel Hotel Vacancies Announcement Secretary
    Mrs, Aviss Kair

  58. Here is the Lastest Advertisement from SILK AIR
    posted in Straight Times June 19, 2010
    *Minimum height of 1.58
    *Minimum of 3 GCE ‘O’ Level or 4 GCE ‘N’ Level credits including English
    We offer a host of generous service benefits including:
    *Free and discounted travel
    *Annual wage supplement of one month’s salary
    *Profit sharing Bonus
    *Atttractive medical and dental benefits
    *Meal, productivity and transport allowances where applicable
    if ou think you have what it takes to be part of our team,
    come and see us at SIA Group Sports Club,
    726 Upper Changi Road East, Singapore 486046
    between 9am and 4:30 pm on 30th June or 1st July 2010.
    Please bring along your NRIC, original educational certificates
    and 2 passport-size photographs. Singaporeans & PR preferred.
    Now here are the questions:
    Do they hire guys now? – because there is no specification of gender
    Singaporeans & PR preferred? – so S pass / E pass can also apply as well> ???
    because they didn’t put there “STRICTLY”
    can anybody enlightened me…
    reply will be greatly appreciated.
    Sincerely Yours,

  59. wow.. glad that SilkAir is conducting an interview. Not sure if they hire guys too. Im a Malaysian can i still go?

  60. hi sir my cousin he wants to join u as a steward plz lel me knw

  61. anyone knows how to get there??near airport is it?

  62. im oso wondering if they recruit male CC..

  63. So is it located on 30june or July 1st ?or both days?

  64. Hi Mr Bohtong,
    I have 3 O Levels but my height is only 1.55 or 1.56, can’t recall… Is it possible for me to attend the Silkair Interview tomorrow or on fri? I went for the SIA interview last Sat but sadly did not made it…I really want to be a cabin crew~
    Any advises?
    Thank you in advance.

  65. I would like to apply the post flight stewardess, can i know how can i apply? Thank You.

  66. hello Mdm/Sir..
    my name is razie.. im 23 yrs old this year.. my height is 168cm.. weight is 50kg..
    i really keen to become an flight attendant for silk air airlines.. a part of ur cabin crew’s….
    i’ve been working in hotel and management line such a long time.. if i recall.. nearly 5 years..
    but the thing is.. im malaysian.. and i live in singapore
    do u guys hired malaysian.??
    and my qualification is only high school level (SPM)..
    i badly wants to become an flight attendant..
    when is the next interview for silk air.??
    hope to hear from u soon..
    do sent me an email..
    thanks.. appreaciate that much..
    *regards* (“,)

  67. I’m ex SIA cabin crew I would like to join silkair. May I know what’s the procedure and when Is the next interview will be??
    Thank u.

  68. Hi Nitha,
    How was the interview with singapore airlines??? did they ask you to speak in hindi ???? caus a friend of mine is worried her hindi is not very good….would be nice if you could tell us the interview mthod…
    And good luck in ur job endevour

  69. hi .im 22 .completing ns soon .im interested in being a cabin crew .how do i apply it ?

  70. hi i am 23 i like cabin crew job my dream….

  71. Hi, may i know does Silkair hire male flight attendant? Thanks(:

  72. Hi, Can anyone reply whether the upcoming silkair recruitment do they accept male cabin crew?

  73. Hey, I heard one of my frenz from SIA told me that Silkair only employ ladies..But my another online
    who is a pilot told me they need people and he think they accept guys too. But the details looks abit weird
    as it only say you have to be 1.58 tall which were not 1.65? cos 1.58 is for girls…
    I am a guy, wanted to join silkair as cabin crew too…do contact me via email so that we can discuss it.

  74. Can anybody tell me whether tattoo behind my ear and a scar on my hand can be passed for the requirement of silkair?

  75. Hi, may I know weather I gt a tattoo but can hide it . Till can join silk air?

  76. Hi babe,
    Did u manage to get into Silk Air?
    Cos i wanted to join too, but i have a tattoo. =(

  77. hey im 20 this year…how do i go for the interview…where is it at?

  78. Hey, i m intetested for silkair cabin crew, are they having any walk in interview anytime soon, otherwise hw else can i apply for the job, thanks

  79. Please do let me know when are they recruiting again. Been working with SATS for 11 months, handling flights with SQ and silkair.. Many thanks.

  80. hi.. im 23 this year.. my height is 1.58.. weight 43kg.. im workin in airport for 14 mth in retail outlet n im interested to join in silkair.. Plz let me know when the interview session open:) Thank you v much…

  81. Hi…I am 18 years old, intereested to join Silkair…Pls let me know when is the coming interview/ Thks….

  82. Hi Mr BohTong….
    I wish to pursue my career into becoming a cabin crew for Silkair,but i already went for the interview on 15Jan2011 and sadly was not selected.I was so nervous,i lost for words.
    Can i try one more time again for the next interview if there is any recruitment again???

  83. Hi , I’m 1.62 n wish to join as cabin crew too .. Is there any way to see their interview period ? I do knw they’ll advertise in straits times if nd man power … Hope to get gd news

  84. Hi. I would like to apply the Cabin crew, can I know how can I apply? Thank You.

  85. hi haney, if you are interested, do keep a look out on silkair’s website.

  86. Hi, good day.I am a 29 years old and my height is 1.55m.Been a cabin crew is always my dream and i have a passion in this career.I will be really please if I hear the good news soon..

  87. Hi, I would love to join silkair as a cabin crew. How do I apply and when will the next recruitment be? Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you. 🙂

  88. Hi, I am completed in airhostess training . i would like to join as a cabin crew (or) ground staff . will be please any good news hear from you soon

  89. Hi,I am very interested to join as a cabin crew.I am Malaysian and I just complete my studies Diploma In Risk Management.I am 23years old.I am Indian mix Philipine.I believe myself are capable and easy to interact with public.If there are good feedback.I would to like to have chance.Thank you

  90. hi, can i know when is the next recruitment for silkair? i am 160m and 22 yrs old.

  91. Hey .. i heard that normally when there is a SQ interview there would be the silkair interview the following week or day / or sometimes even before .
    Because there would be this period where girls who actually completed the 3 years in Silkair , would interview for the SQ position .
    So keep a look out for the news on the silk air web or straits times 🙂
    Good luck

  92. HEY GIRLS!! there is an interview this Friday and Saturday
    Flight Stewardess
    Tracking Code
    Job Description
    We are looking for cabin crew with a combination of grace and a warm smile to provide excellent and attentive service to our customers.
    Minimum height of 1.58m
    Minimum of 3 GCE ‘O’ Level or 4 GCE ‘N’ Level credits, including English
    For Malaysian qualifications at SPM level, at least 5 credits including a minimum grade of B4 in English and working experience is required
    We offer a host of generous service benefits including:
    Free and discounted travel
    Annual wage supplement of one month’s salary
    Profit sharing bonus
    Attractive medical and dental benefits
    Meal, productivity and transport allowance where applicable
    If you think you have what it takes to be part of our team, come and see us at SIA Group Sports Club, 726 Upper Changi Road East, Singapore 486046 between 9am and 4.30pm on 8th or 9th July 2011.
    Please bring along your NRIC, original educational certificates and 2 passport-size photographs.
    Please do not send any application online
    Job Location
    Singapore, SINGAPORE SG
    Position Type

  93. anyone going for the interview this week?
    wanna head down together?

  94. Does anyone know when is the next recruitment?
    Do email me at
    Thks! 🙂

  95. Hi i’m interested in silkAir airline. I’m 160 and i’m 18 years old. N level cert. 🙂
    Please get back to me soon.
    Thank you.

  96. lyna, theres an interview on 26th..txt me if u r going! 85234145. Thanks

  97. hey,im keen to know when is the upcoming interview?thank you.

  98. Do pm me…

  99. Any upcoming walk in do let me know.
    Farah +65 97223776.

  100. Hi Farah,there walk in interview this coming sat in cityhall.jan 14.are u interested in going?wannago totgether?

  101. Anyone going for silkair interview this sat( 14/01)??? O.O

  102. Hi did u go?am going now.a bit late coz I just finished at to give ur #? I will call u

  103. hi lynn…im interested but…r u going? Kindly txt me 85234145.

  104. hello ,
    i am keen in silkair cabin crew position, can anyone contact me at for the next intake ? I have N Level …hope i could have the opportunities.

  105. Hey babe, there’s an interview this Saturday, 24 March at Grand Park City Hall between 9am to 4.30pm.

  106. Hey babe, there’s an interview this Saturday, 24 March at Grand Park City Hall between 9am to 4.30pm.

  107. hi, im keen on applying for silk air cabin crew but the problem is….i had a tattoo on my arm. Can i still apply for the job?

  108. Hi,
    any kind souls out there knows when is the next recruitment for silk air in singapore? 🙂
    do email me at: mywhitesp @
    Thank you! 🙂

  109. Hi!im 22yrs old,1.62cm tall and I would like to apply for this position as cabin crew ..Do inform me when is the next recruitment..I’m super eager to be a cabin crew,as this is what I wanted since young????

  110. Hi I’m 1.69cm tall and 32.Diploma in Nursing. What is the age cut off to join silk air?

  111. Good morning to u,
    Good morning everyone,
    My name is Trina , I am 43 years and A married woman. i have met all requirements for the airlines industry but except for my age n my status to become a cabin crew or flight attendant is too old for me according to some advice from others, I would appreciate and may I checked whether am I allow to go for walked in interview for cabin crew or flight attendant at this age.
    thank you and your kindness will be greatly appreciated.
    Trina Tan
    Email :

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