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Singapore Airlines Cabin Crew Interview

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Singapore Airlines on average every 2 months will stage a recruitment exercise.
1st Round : will group in a group of 10 for group interview. They will ask u to introduce yourself, and another questions. It can be any questions.( Ex: why u wan to join SIA, tell us about a good or bad customer service that u had encounter)
If you are selected in 1st round, then u will go to Kebaya Fitting / Skin check round.
There are uniforms & sandals, u will need to change into the uniform, and walk towards the interviewer. They will look at your posture, fingers, skin or anything that is not cover by the uniforms, and also to check whether u had any tattoos on your feet. ( this is what i think because they never mention what they are looking for)
Again, you will know whether you are in or not for the next round after this. Then u will go to round 2.
Round 2: 1 to 1 interview. The interview will ask all sort of situation questions, and see how u react to it.
Once again, another heart beating round , if u are selected, then u will proceed to the Final Round.
Final Round : 2 to 1 interview. 2 Interviewer will be there, u will need to introduce urself, then they will ask questions from there.
You will know on the spot whether u are selected or not.


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  1. What if there is a scar on the arm?Will i be selected to join the crew?

  2. If you have a scar that is visible, most likely no.

  3. im having scars in my leg wat i shud do

  4. from what i know, any scars that can be hidden is fine. so if it is not visible after you put on your kebaya then should be ok

  5. i am very interested in the post for emirates cabin crew but i feel like i need to lose weight before i go for the in terview and i do not have really good skin but i have alot of experience in front line and customer service.
    and as for etihad height limit is 162 and m only 160.
    maybe my confidence is slipping out, any tips and should i even think about this because most cabin crew are gorgeous and skinny!!! help!
    leanna from singapore

  6. im gonna apply for SIA cabin crew next month, just wanna ask
    is it ok if i were bracelet

  7. hi, ive always wanted to be a cabin crew with SIA since i was a little girl.ive tried so many times to get into without sucess.This year i will be 30,any idea if SIA accepts women over 30.could any exprienced crew with SIA advise me.Thank You.

  8. hi i am from nagaland india.. I have been in avaition for 1year seven months…. i really wanna fly for international airlines but i think m not getting a very relevant site for interview happening in india…. please help me find one prefarably SIA. thank you.

  9. Hi there. Can anyone tell me when is SIA cabin crew next intake? Contact Thanks!

  10. how do i apply for air asia stewardess job? where do i get the application form?thanks

  11. how do i apply online ? please let me know as soon as possible. thanks.

  12. Hi there. Do anyone know when is SIA cabin crew next intake? kindly contact me at Thanks!!!

  13. You can find out the next intake dates from the SIA recruitment website.

  14. hi i m indian girl ,now i m in australia,i m looking for job as airhosstes,i m 23 year old ,can i go for this job

  15. Hi Boh Tong
    I would like to know if I could be a steward if I am 5mm short of the height requirement?

  16. hav u g interview 2moro in kl??

  17. can i know when is the next interview SIA cabin crew interview, please? contact me at Thanks.

  18. You can know the interview dates from SIA website.

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  20. hello. Im interested in SIA Cabin Crew. i got the height any everything but unfortunately my highest qualification is only Higher Nitec Cert in ITE. do you think i qualified to be one? because what i know qualification wise is O level… =(

  21. hav u try interview b4???

  22. hello joeyying.
    yeah i have try during the january intake. sadly im not up for their requirement/education. =(

  23. hw many time u try the interview.??
    2moro kl have 1 interview hav u g??

  24. will moles on the face and arm hair affect the selection?

  25. wat if i dun have straight teeth? Will i make it?

  26. hi im elysha.. reli luv to wrk s stwrdss.. bt my highst qualification is only sec 3.. is ther any opening fr my type of situation.. do get back at me,pls..

  27. i have 3 o’levels and a Nitec cert but would really love to join the sq cabin crew. do u think i stand a chance, and should i also send my CV and photo to the email as above? let me know, thanks

  28. at here who gt g kl 2 interview airline???

  29. i would like to know if they accept private O’s student ?

  30. Hi Boh Tong,
    I have two moles on my right cheek. Will I still stand a chance?

  31. hi…………..
    how abt sia openings in india

  32. anyone went to the silkair recruitment on 29th april today?

  33. is it possible if we wear glasses/contact lens in silk-air?

  34. hello,i m looking for airline job & i will be highly thankfull for your help, please let me know whenever you will have vaconcis or conduct interview.

  35. I’m ex SIA cabin crew I resign on 2007 i would like to join SIA again as a return crew what should I do?

  36. hi .im completing my ns soon .i would like to join SIA as a cabin crew .is it possible ?if i only have n,o levels and nitec in nursing ?

  37. Is SIA still recruiting for KL based cabin crew?

  38. Hi, may I Noe weather I lost my nlevel cert but I gt HRM dip can I brim tt to interview?

  39. Hi, I will booted out during last opening in the management round, is it fine to go for another interview after 1 month ago’ opening. I heard my brother said I have to wait for 6 months to try again but i was thinking if i have the passions and SQ is in need of manpower, why can’t we try again within the 6 months? please enlighten me, thanks

  40. Hi my name is Zaya, im from mongolia. Well i used to live in singapore and married too. but now im in mongolia gave birth last year june. and i’ll go back to singapore end of this year so im intrested to give interview once again. I need a interview application. where can i look for???

  41. Hi Boh Tong,
    I am good looking and good skin complexion, I did attend for the cabin crew several times but everytime end up with disapoinment. Mostly at the session self introduced. I answer the question firm and confident and did not mentioned any negative stuff. Once i asked them what is my mistake because i would like to rectify and improve on it, they don’t let me know, saying that it is company secret.
    What should i improve, help me Boh Tong

  42. of course we will not tell you your shortcoming…but based on your post, you may have come across as been too stiff and not natural ; )

  43. Hi I was just wondering if you would know whether is it possible for an ex SQ cabin crew to be rehired by SQ after quitting 6 months ago? Question is she quit before completing her 2-year bond (short of 3months but she paid the penalties/ pro rated monies to SQ) due to family issues. She is really looking forward to rejoin as a cabin crew now and does not know how to go about rejoining the company. May somebody able to share something here. Appreciate it alot. Thanks!!

  44. Hi Zen,
    I am in your plight too, i badly want to return to fly…do you mind if i get your email so we can discuss about this? Thanks

  45. hi.. i have read that you will be conducting a recruitment exercise for Flight Stewardess/ Steward in Singapore on MAY 28, 2011. What if im from the Philippines and i would attend with the walk in interview, is it possible that i’ll be hired, even though im not residing in Singapore? but im willing to be based in Singapore..

  46. Hi!
    I would like to know the last date for submission of application for the recruitment of cabin crew in Singapore Airlines.I’ve read that the short listed candidates will be interviewed on June 2011. I’ve called Singapore Airlines (Mumbai) but they haven’t responded to my calls. Looking forward to your reply. Thank you.

  47. Hi, Could any one answer for my question plz?
    I am in singapore, in social visit visa till may 30 th, could i eligible to atteen the Singapore airlines iinterview?
    Your answers are much appriciated

  48. Hi , i brought ur manual n still never get in after 5 times. Does e problem lies with me? 🙁

  49. what manual did u buy elynn ?

  50. Hi, Myself Poonam from India, i am interested in Cabin Crew Job, but don’t have any Aviation Experience.But, i am confident enough if i get this opportunity will never let even single stone unturned. I will give my 100% to my Job. I reside in INDIA and willing to relocate.
    Poonam Asthana

  51. hi,i did went for the SIA recent opening interview,which was on d 1st october 2011..
    I was soo nervous,& shaking for head to toe. there were lots of candidates who came to try their luck just like me.
    they will actually group you,& in each group there will be 10 candidates for d first round
    the first round was to introduce yourself & they will give you a situation question where youve got to answer based on your experience. I was soo nervous but i did well for that round & btw im d youngest of them just 18. out of 10,only 3 make it thru d 2nd round.& my name was d first one to be announced as the successful ones..i was extremely shocked,but was truely happy..but i failed my 2nd test cos of my advice to u guys is to try your best even if you r extremely nervous. & do make friends with the candidates in your own group cos afta all you will gona have to work together..& dont be discourage if you werent accepted always try again and again..goodluck to everyone!(:

  52. hey eyka..!! whats your height..?? i m frm india n my interview is scheduled for feb.. i was wanting to know the height criteria.. is there some ther way i can get in touch with you? do get back,,,tc

  53. my email i.d is
    i would love to hear from you.. till then take care

  54. Hi, I can’t believe I just missed the interview date by two days. I was wondering, when do they regularly host interviews?Since the October one is just over, will they have one in January? Or are the interviews not regularly scheduled?

  55. Oh another thing, do you know how they feel about braces?

  56. hello! I’m a singaporean , 24years old and have been working in service industry for 4 years.
    I have great passion in working service line and love to be part of this big family.
    I have went to the SQ interview 2years ago but I failed.
    Will it be the reason as I do not have 5 o’ level credits?

  57. Hi, I’m from Korea, but I’ve been studying in Malaysia for so long.
    I was wondering if I could still attend for the SIA Cabin Crew Open Day in Malaysia, although I’m not a Malaysian citizen..? And I’m quite concern about my height, is it really difficult to pass if I’m short?

  58. hi~
    i attend today interview?but i fail in skin check?i have a mini scare in my inner arm?
    is the reason i failed?my friend also failed?her skin is very well?May i know y?thank you

  59. Hi Boh Tong
    I would like to know what are the chances for me to become a steward if I am short of 5mm from the height requirement?

  60. So might I know which is the real site then?

  61. hi im turning 20 this year. im a jovial girl and i used to work as a cabin crew at jetstars international. i only have my N Level cert with me. but given my working experience do u think i stand a chance at SIA?

  62. can i know the maximum height of SIA recruit is??
    My height is 185cm, i worrying i will over height and disqualified.

  63. Hi. I am a Malaysian Citizen who are really interested in joining the cabin crew of Singapore Airline. However, i m not meeting one of its requirement stating that a grade of B4 for English subject in SPM is needed (mine is C5) whereas my other higher qualifications is Diploma of accountancy and so i would like to ask whether am i still own a chance to pass through the walk-in interview? Thank you so much.

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