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Singapore Airlines On Top Of Zagat 2008 Airline Survey

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Singapore Airlines has been voted the best international airline in terms of economy and premium classes, in the North American based Zagat 2008 Airlines Survey.

The annual survey this year saw 9,950 participants in the study, which continued to show a high level of customer dissatisfaction, especially in areas of delays and cancellations.

“The airline industry continues to be plagued with delays, cancellations and consumer dissatisfaction,” said Tim Zagat, Zagat Survey CEo and co-founder.

“Singapore Airlines gained altitude, sweeping the competition for the twentieth year in a row for both international economy and premium classes, [taking] the number one spot for [sub categories of] Food, Service and Comfort,” the survey adds.

The top five for best international economy start with Singapore, followed by Emirates Airline, Air New Zealand, Cathay Pacific Airways and Thai Airways in fifth.

While in the premium international sector list begins with Singapore and is then followed by Cathay Pacific Airways, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Air New Zealand and with All Nippon Airways (ANA) in fifth.

Zagat Airline Survey takes responses from frequent travellers and travel professionals who this year averaged 16.3 flights a year, totalling 162,000 trips considered for the survey, 38% which were for leisure, 62% for business.

Within the United States Continental took out the first place in terms of a large premium class service while JetBlue took top honours for large economy class. Virgin America did well in the medium-sized operations category, taking out the top spot in premium and second in economy after Midwest.

In terms of booking flights, it appears that Americans are turning evermore to the web, the Zagat Survey finds.

“When booking air travel, 60% of surveyors use airline websites, while only 4% call the airline. Sites such as Expedia, Travelocity and the like are used by 18%, while 9% book through work and 8% use a travel agent,” the survey says.

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