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Singapore Airline's Requirement

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Females who are at least 1.58m; Males who are at least 1.65m in height
Degree/ Diploma
At least 2 GCE ‘A’-level credits and 2 ‘O’-level credits including General Paper in the GCE ‘A’-level examination
At least 5 GCE ‘O’-level credits including English and working experience
For Malaysian qualifications at SPM level, at least 5 credits including a minimum grade of B4 in English and working experience is required
Completed, are exempted from, or are not liable for National Service. Those in the process of completing NS may also apply.
Preference will be given to candidates who are able to speak foreign languages or are experienced in customer service. Interested applicants graduating by May 2009 may also apply.
Our comprehensive 4 months training program will cover topics such as:
Product Knowledge including Food & Beverage
Service Procedures
Passenger Handling
Deportment & Grooming
Language & Communication Skills
Safety Equipment Procedures
First Aid
On successful completion of training you will commence flying duties..
Remuneration & Service Benefits
A monthly allowance will be provided during training. Upon graduation, you can look forward to a basic salary and various allowances amounting to about $3,500 a month. In addition, there will be an annual wage supplement of one month’s basic salary and profit-sharing bonus. You will also be entitled to free travel to any SIA destination once a year and enjoy discounted travel at other times.


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  1. can i request for theircontact details, such as email address or telephone numbers so that i can apply to them.
    thank you so much!

  2. I would like to be part of Singapore Airliines. I’ve been working as a International Reservation Officer in Travel Agency here in the Philippines for almost 3years.
    How can I apply?
    Thank you very much.

  3. Where are you from Joma? You can check out recruitment details at
    They normally only recruit from asian countries like Jakarta, KL, India, Japan etc.

  4. i would like to know whether a PR is able to apply for SIA cabin crew.
    Is swimming a requirement as well?
    When is their next recruitment?

  5. may i know when is the coming date for SIA lokking for cabin crew??

  6. Hi,
    do you know when will the next recruitment be? I heard from my boyfriend who is a cabin crew with SQ said that there will not be any recruitment as they have freezed the head count. Is it true? He also said the next recruitment might be next year. Is it true again?
    Thank you

  7. Good morning ,to whom it may concern
    I ‘ve been a staff for Dubai duty free for almost 1 year now ,I’m Chinese . Can youkindly tell me as soon as possible that how can I apply for SIA as a airwaitress please ?
    Thank you so much !

  8. Well check SIA recruitment website for any international recruitment exercises.

  9. Is it possible to be citizen of Malaysia or Singapore to apply?
    When is the next recruitment and what is the age limit?

  10. No official age limit had been announced. But many people said they dont recruit people older than 28.

  11. Is it a must to be citizen of Malaysia or Singapore to apply?
    When is the next recruitment and what is the age limit?

  12. SIA recruits from many places, but you need to see when they’re coming to your area for recruitment exercise.

  13. Hi,there..
    I’m from Malaysia,but i live in Uk,I interested to being a part of Air Cabin Crew with Singapore Airlines,If you don’t mind could you please tell me what should I do to apply this job in Singapore Airlines,thank you.

  14. You can apply online at SIA recruitment website and see if they ask you to attend any selection interviews.

  15. Hi,
    I’m a GCE N level holder, I’ve got 10 years experience in tourism industry as a travel consultant.
    Will i be able to apply for Cabin Crew job?

  16. I think the minimum is O level 5 credits. You can check with other budget airlines, maybe they have lower requirements.

  17. hello..i just want to ask i have two years flying experience but im operating turbo prop aircraft not jet type aircraft.can i be selected if i go for interview session?and when is the next intake for sia recruitment?

  18. Hi, I am 25, who had been working in star cruise for 2years as a service staff, and now i am pursuring a diploma course in singapore, will be complete at the end of december of 2009, and i am chinese, speak good english, and nanjing dialect,understand cantonese as well. i would like to know can i apply cabin crew from singapore rather than china since i am here in singapore? thanks a lot.
    Best Regards
    Ivy Hu

  19. HI, my email address is, thanks a lot.

  20. Do SIA accept PRIVATE diploma? Some say they dont and some say yes. I just need a firm answer so that I know my chances. Appreciate your assistance.

  21. Hi, may I know what’s the rough gauge of vital stats for air stewardess?
    And may I know if mixed blood is accepted..

  22. Hi, I have been through all the stages in EK recruitment but has been withdrawn before 1 week of the joining date due to the scoliosis, which is quite upsetting me. May I know does SQ requires the scoliosis screening during the pre-employment medical check up? Thanks.

  23. May i know if i going to graduate on May 2010, can i apply the job by this January session recruitment??

  24. I believe you can Sherly.
    First off.. you had already pass the “education qualification”.
    Second, SIA held training courses throughout the year… meaning, your training might start after your graduation.( as long as its not more than 6 months)
    just an update however, the next cabin crew interview is on 20 March, Sheraton Towers if you are still interested.

  25. Is there a maxi age lime for SIA female air crew?

  26. Hi, what is the age limit to apply for SIA air crew?

  27. hie, can i know… i am graduating in may 2010, with higher nitec cert. does SIA accept a higher nitec cert?

  28. Hi,
    need to know if also they allowing foreigners applicant, this coming March 2010 walkin interview, coz last Jan 2010, i fall in line to the long que, after that i’m very near to the door of recruitment room, somebody collect all the CV’s and application, they told me i’m not allowed to enter coz i’m not MALAY OR SINGAPOREAN. kindly advise coz really depressing situation.

  29. hey…ur articles are fantastic… really really helpful for all SIA cc-wannabe’s…. can u pls suggest hw to give a real catchy intro in ur first round??? pls n will really b glad if u elaborate wid a sample….thanku…!!!

  30. Dear Boh Tong ,
    My friend and I wonder if Breast Augmentation is allowed in becoming a SIA flight attendant ?

  31. hi there…i am inadian but i am living in uk from last 3 years ..can i apply for SIA airline as cabin crew

  32. Good evening,
    I am 28 this year, graduated ITE, have customer service experience in F&B/retail/sales industry currently working as a sales admin asst and I just completed CSP course (WDA). I do not have any flying experience and was a frog living in the well but I am willing to learn from others.
    My weakness is not a good English speaker (95% talking in mandarin) but is good in service line becuase cannot be angry as I dont know how to argue with other (just kiddin). I apply to be a cabin crew cause it a dream for most female.
    I will be grateful to receive your advise. Thanks

  33. Hi,
    I would like to apply for SIA cabin crew, but i do not have “O” levels but have a degree in business mgmt from University of Wales and I am 29 years old.
    Do you think I can apply?

  34. Hey just curious.. how did you manage to score a placement with UOW?

  35. i remember the maximum age is 28 but they won’t tell u.

  36. hello Mr Boh Tong!
    I desperately need some advice here!
    I have currently passed all the diff rds of interview,
    however, encountered a problem during medical checkup.
    Had a history of one kidney stone but has already been passed out naturally, and haven had any issue about it.
    but, with all honesty, i decided to declare my history in the medical checkup.
    As I did not being any supporting documents to show the stone has been removed, the appointed doc crossed “UNFIT” immediately.
    May I check if I were to give a specialist doctor report of which it certifys the stone is being removed and I am fit to fly,
    1) Does it override the appointed doctor who crossed”UNFIT”?
    2) Will I pass the medical checkup?
    Pls advise!

  37. one spell error in previous comment
    *being* = Bring
    Appreciate if u can get back to me at my email!
    Much Thanks!

  38. Hi,
    Im a Singaporean PR, can i apply as SIA cabin Crew?

  39. Hi,
    I’m really looking forward to the SIA recruitment on the 7th August.
    One burning question though. Does SIA acccept private Diploma from MDIS?
    I’m thinking of using my diploma as I have only 4 olevel credits.
    I heard that SilkAir is also recruiting at the same time. Is it possible to apply for both?
    Prohibited in any sense?
    I’m not sure if SIA would keep a record of hopefuls applying for Silkair too.
    And…Thank you so much for this insightful blog. It really helps!

  40. Hi There,
    My name is Rohit and currently i am living in auckland (NZ) and i am keen to join SIA as cabin crew and i am PR holder of NZ so can you advise me the process to appy for SIA as a overseas applicant.
    Many thanks
    Kind Regards

  41. Good Morning Sir,
    I would like to apply for SIA cabin crew as it’s was my dreams since young.
    Can I apply with Nitec in Nursing Certificate from ITE East college ( Singapore)?
    Thanks a million for ur answer sir.

  42. Hi
    do they reject if the applicant is married n has a child? but meets all other requirements for the cabin crew position?
    thanks in advance

  43. Hello.. Anybody can answer my Q ? Can I use private qualification to apply for Cabin Crew? Currently studying in the Arts school now. Thanks.

  44. Hi, I will booted out during last opening in the management round, is it fine to go for another interview after 1 month ago’ opening. I heard my brother said I have to wait for 6 months to try again but i was thinking if i have the passions and SQ is in need of manpower, why can’t we try again within the 6 months? please enlighten me, thanks

  45. after u get booted out u r blacklisted in their database.

  46. Hi I’m currently serving NS right now, I’m holding a higher nitec in mechanical engineering. Am I eligible to apply for the cabin crew?

  47. hi, am very interested to be a cabin crew. thanks

  48. Hi… please let me know when are the recruitment for SIA will be held… i want to be a stewardess… tq

  49. Dear,
    I came to know that you are looking for a post “Cabin Crew / Flight Attendant ”. I hereby take this opportunity to apply for the above-mentioned post. I am contacting you to see whether you can assist me in my next career move. I possess is to express my interest in discussing the Cabin Crew / Flight Attendant . As a an experienced Administrative Assist/ HR Management Solicitor (Legal Firm) with over 1-3 Years Experience in all aspect of office Management, with excellent customer Services skill and sound business judgment, I am now seeking a new appointment based on Hong Kong. will you reply me when is the best time to apply and opening day for Hong Kong.
    with Best & kind Regards,

  50. hii,,,dis iz richa duggal from yamuna nagar,,,,,,i m graduate & i have also done BTEC HNC in aviation hospitality & tour-travel mang. from frankfinn inst. of air hostess traning…..i wana b d part of ur organization… would b such a gr8 honour to b a part of …..i shall b vry thankfull to u.{regads-Richa Duggal……

  51. Hi!
    I really hope i would get a reply! dear sir, by any chance you know if SIA accepts WPLN(Wokplace Literacy Numeracy) as a credit for English Language? I do have 5 credits but unfortunately got a D7 in English. hence decided to take the WPLN at WDA. Please help?

  52. they will probably give u a chance for interview at the first round where they will ask u to speak and then they assess your command of spoken english. if u speak broken english, they will likely not shortlist you.l

  53. hey thanks for replying! this gave me hope (even if it’s just a tinge).. =)

  54. Dear sir
    I am a 22 year old south african female who has just received her SACAA cabin crew licence recently and I would love to apply for cabin crew. What are the procedures that I have to follow in order to see my dream coming true?
    Thank you very much for a reply

  55. Hi, is there a weight restriction for cabin crew?? Pls advice

  56. Hi,
    I went for a medical checkup today. I declared that I have scoliosis started when I was 14 yrs old.
    The curvature is about 7 degrees, which will not get worse since I pass puberty. I told the dr, she insists that I should go for an X-ray which cost me 160.
    I have no probs with my back at all, and is very active in sports.
    Do u think it will affect my chances? Thanks.

  57. Hi Yilin,
    I am facing the same problem now. Ive mild scoliosis and im stuck at the Medical stage, dk the outcome yet. Did u get through medical?

  58. hello I got the same problem …. did you get the call after the scoliosis ? mine is about 21 degree….

  59. Hi Natasha, yes I got the call. But they didnt reveal how many degrees was my scoliosis though, so im not sure the degree of allowance they allow..

  60. thank you very much Samantha :))
    btw, you still don’t know how many degrees of your scoliosis? >”<
    I am so worry about it …..

  61. Hi Natasha,
    Was wondering if you got a call back from SIA or are you already accepted and training currently.
    I have scoliosis as well, and its 26 degrees. Pretty worried my medical will fail me.

  62. LL:
    they sent me a letter to tell me that I am not qualified for being a flight attandant …
    I called them and they told me due to my scoliosis, I can’t afford heavy things like that
    and also they told me a girl also failed, she got soliosis 17 degrees….so I guess it’s hard to get in
    if you are over 15 degrees….but you still got a hope, they change standard every year !! so don’t give up ! or just try another airline!! I wanna try Cathay ~hopefully they will accept me,,
    wish you the best!

  63. Hi there!
    I got it. If it is minor it will be alright. My curvature measured by cobb’s angle xray is 5 degrees. Wish u luck! 🙂

  64. Thank you for replying. Congrats! Good to know there’s still chances. Hoping for the best 🙂

  65. Hi Samantha, I’m in exactly the same predicament as you. And I know of others who have taken the scoliosis X-ray on the 13th or the 14th but have not received any call yet. I took mine on the 15th, after SMG called me to go down for further testing.
    Yilin, I’m wondering if the HR would tell you about your Cobb’s Angle. How do you know what your Cobb’s angle is? I’m quite upset that I had to pay 167 for the scoliosis X-ray but wouldn’t be able to take a look at my X-ray film.
    Also, how many days did you have to wait before you got the call?

  66. Hi Ange, I would like to check did u got it?? now i have the same issue as you and very stress out Y^Y Appreciated for your reply ya

  67. Hi maniasea, yes I’m training now and am going to complete training very soon. Don’t worry about it ^.^ ! I have a friend who has quite serious scoliosis (the nurse found that she had 7 degrees of curvature during her health checkup in Secondary school) also got it, so I think you’d receive the call soon! They take about a week to call you.

  68. Hi Ange 🙂
    Thank you so much for your reply ^^ Congrat to you for your new wings hehe
    I am still waiting for the call until now…its took so long as i finished my medical on 24 May ><

  69. Hi Ange,
    I got booted out shortly after the scoliosis screening. They didn’t tell me why though… I assumed they didn’t accept anyone with even mild scoliosis so I’m quite shocked to see you got it… Do you know if I can try again or will I be blacklisted forever? 🙁

  70. hi, I’m singaporean. I’m an ITE Nitec holder; I would like to know am I qualify for the upcoming cabin crew recruitment on 14 April 2012?
    please help me.. I really want to the answer..

  71. Hi ,
    I really hope i will get a reply or some advice on my problem . I have six credits in my SPM /gce o, but unfortunately i got a c+ for my English. I have good command in English but do I still get a chance to the first round . I went Ipoh on Feb and they di process my application just because of my grade in English is a c + .I’ve taken a FA prepatory course is there any advantages or higher chances to at least help me got into the first round . Really hope someone can help .Please help.

  72. I am interested in cabin crew jobs in singapore airlines, can i use IELTS results, currently studying Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management.

  73. Hi ,I want to join Singapore airlines. with my 7 1/2 yrs of Malaysia airlines experience , will I b able to get a chance being a male candidate(INDIA) for a steward position..???

  74. Don’t join Singapore Airlines join buget airlines better.

  75. Hi, I’m a Malaysian and I wish to go for the recruitment at Singapore on 1st of December, just wondering if I’m still wearing the braces, will it influence the recruitment? Will appreciate if got any apply from you all, thanks;)

  76. Hi does SIA accept private diplomas/degrees? I would like to apply for cabin crew position and i need to know whether i will have a chance or not with a private diploma. Thanks!

  77. Hi,
    I am almost 28, Apply in Thailand. I never get invitation from SIA. Should or Shouldn’t I apply in Singapore?

  78. Hi. I have been selected by SQ and was required to do a medical check up. Few weeks later i received a rejection letter. Not much was written including the reason which is private and confidential. On the 3rd september there is another interview so im thinking of attending, and i was wondering will i be rejected again or can i still try ? If its the medical thats the problem, can I still try ?

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