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Sympathy Flows For Grief Of Cabin Crew's Families

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Seven more family members of the Air New Zealand Airbus tragedy victims arrived in France yesterday, joining a group of 14 already there.
The families are staying in Perpignan, the town closest to where the A320 crashed into the Mediterranean Sea, killing five New Zealanders and two German pilots on Friday.
Tributes to the victims have been flowing in Auckland, with bouquets of flowers and cards laid outside Air New Zealand’s offices in the central city.
Just three bodies have been recovered from the aircraft’s ruins, which lie in pieces, 40m deep.
Divers have been struggling with a difficult rescue, with much of the wreckage in 30cm-deep mud and bad weather hampering their efforts.
Some family members have been taken to the crash site by boat to pay their respects to their loved ones.
The investigation into what caused the crash is expected to take months or years but it is hoped that some answers will be given much sooner, with information on one of two black boxes recovered from the wreck expected to be known within days.
It is hoped that the black box, which was said to be damaged, holds records of the final cockpit conversations and the sound of any warning alarms.

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