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The Deed That Killed IFS Alfred On SQ 006

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IFS Alfred need not have died in the SQ 006 crash in TPE. He was on the main deck of the aircraft but after the impact took place he heard the panic in the upper deck,ran upstairs and got himself into trouble.
He was trying desperately to help save the passengers and lost his life in doing so. Alfred could been alive today had he not been so brave and conscientious,risking his life for perhaps some PPS passengers.
Well he is gone and nothing can bring him back but there are lessons to be learnt.
SQ should treasure its crew,especially cabin crew. Flight stewardess Fawzana, a newbie went out of her way and risked her life and limbs to save the lives of passengers. She did well and the same goes for CS Suresh and the other cabin crew.
If there is another round of mishap and I pray not, SQ still have to depend on its brave and unselfish cabin crew to save the lives of its pasengers.
BTW, air crashes were never caused by the cabin crew and yet they have to pay dearly with their own lives.
Cherish them and don’t just think of cutting cost by curtailing their flight pattern for you never know when you need them to sacrifice their lives for your customers.

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