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The Introduction

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One of the most overlooked aspects of an interview is the introduction. Again, this includes not only the way you introduce yourself to the interviewer, but the way you introduce yourself to the interviewer’s secretary and other individuals in the waiting room.
You should introduce yourself to the receptionist and sign in (if necessary) upon arrival. You should state who you are and the reason for your visit. Be congenial, but do not be a nuisance by trying to make small talk.
Take a seat after you are invited to do so and try to be as professional as you can. This includes not talking on your cell phone (turn it off, so you won’t get a call), not listening to your Walkman, not smoking or chewing gum, and not trying to be a comedian among the other candidates.
When it comes time to meet the interviewer, you should enter the room, exchange introductions and offer a firm handshake. The handshake is extremely important. Do not make the mistake of offering what we call the limp “fish hand” to the interviewer; this makes for a very bad impression.
This does not mean you should offer a “vice-grip,” but it should be a firm, comfortable handshake, showing your enthusiasm for meeting the interviewer and for being invited to the interview itself. At this point, you should not be seated until invited to do so.

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