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The Late Infight Supervisor M. Teheran

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Mike, as he was affectionately known by his senior colleagues was a kind man who would always lend a ear to his colleagues and crew when they needed someone to listen to.
He will always be remembered for his husky and powerful voice. Passengers would stop whatever they were doing and listened to Mike whenever his voice would come over the aircraft passenger address system.
He was a top class PR man and was never rude to anyone or even to passengers who were nasty to him and his crew.He was also a man with a terrific sense of humour.
His uniform as well his personal turnout was spick and span. He was very particular about good grooming and his English was almost perfect.
Some years back,Mike had a heart bypass but it looks like the surgery did not prolong his life too long. Mike was a carefree guy who loved liquor and cigarettes. He also loved eating meals high in fat contents and we believe that combination could have killed him. He did not believe in excercises or keeping fit and that could have contributed to his early departure. He was 62 when he died of a heart attack in KL,Malaysia.
Mike had a wonderful flying career with SIA. However the only thing he could not achieved was his desire to be a cabin crew execuitve. He had applied a dozen times or more but the management disappointed him.
Certain managers were not in favour of him being a CCE. We did not know the reason or reasons why they won’t promote Mike. It could be that Mike had a tendency of mixing with Indian crew most of the time and branded a racist. The managers we suspect, believed that Mike’s gentlemanly behaviour was “put on” or fake. Mike’s heart and pride took a bashing each time his junior was promoted to be CCE and not him. It could also be that a passenger had complained against Mike for sleeping on a flight in the first class section which he was not supposed to. The passenger also noted the number of times Mike smoked in the first class passenger’s seat. Well that happened about 15 years ago,if I am not wrong.
The complaint was perhaps the stumbling block to Mike’s promotion but no one really knows what were the actually reasons.
About 2 years ago Mike applied for an IFS job with Jet Airways,an Indian Airlines. He was one of the three people Jet decided to employ as IFS out of the more senior ex CCE and IFS which numbered at least 100. However,Mike failed his medical test and was not employed.
He was unemployed all these while since retiring from SQ at the age of 55. It could be the drinking, smoking and the boredom that cut his life short.
Whatever the story was, Mike will always be remembered as a great guy and a gentleman to us in cabin crew.
Farewell our buddy and may your soul rest in peace.

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