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What To Bring On Emirates Cabin Crew Open Day

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* Updated CV (Curriculum Vitae) > Now, on the CV, make it clear and un-cluttered, if you’ve had any previous customer service experience then this is a very good idea to have at the top of your resume. Remember, if you haven’t got any previous customer service experience it is not a problem, you’ll probably strike them with something else ! If they think they can train you in customer service they WILL DO IT !
* 6 Passport Size Photographs > business attire, neatly groomed, looking gorgeous, no scarfs, light make-up for women, non for men ! and most importantly SMILE (even french citizens should smile on those Passport photos). A genuine smile will make the difference when your file is in that pile.
* 2 Full Sized (10×15 cm) Photographs in Business Attire > Suit, white shirt, tie and shoes for men / Knee length skirt or dress with skin coloured stockings (no scarf) for women. Those photographs will be presented a round table of judges back in Dubai as per the recruitment officer I had, so keep SMILING, give the best of you !
* 2 casual Full Sized (10×15 cm) Photographs > those photos must be of you in a natural setting, casually dressed, not smoking nor drinking. Alone is best, if you haven’t got any alone, then ones where the recruitment officer can recognize you.
* Photocopy of your Passport
* Photocopies of School Certificates
* PENS and I’m not joking.


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  1. Hi. I would like to ask for some advice please.
    There is an upcoming Open Day recruitment in Singapore and I really wanted to attend but I am not Singaporean. Someone also told me that the recruiters will probably just recruit Singaporeans. Although it was stated in Emirates’ website that one might be asked to attend interviews in another country, I was told that this is only applicable to those who have already been selected in the selection process.
    Is this true? And is going to the recruitment in Singapore really useless? Please help.

  2. Hi admin,
    Am 23yrs of age and i started applying for a cabin crew position with Emirates over a year ago but i’ve never been short-listed for any interviews. I was wondering if i attend the open days will i be noticed or it will be the same old trend? please reply

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